Early Warning System

What is it?
The Early Warning System at Shippensburg University serves two purposes: First, it provides students with realistic, important mid-semester feedback about how they are performing in their classes. Secondly, it provides faculty with the opportunity to identify students who may be in need of intervention while there is still time to provide academic assistance.

How does it work?
Faculty submit "D" or "F" grades to the Registrar approximately mid-way through the semester for targeted students. The early warning grade report received through the mail indicates "Passing" if the student is performing satisfactorily in class. "Not Submitted" is indicated if no grade is submitted. "No Basis" is indicated if there is no basis to provide a grade. If you view your grades, through the information system, a "PA" is displayed if the student is performing satisfactorily in class. An "X" is displayed if no grade is submitted. An "NB" is displayed if there is no basis to provide a grade.

Why am I receiving Early Warning Grades?
Many who receive early warning grades are excellent students, and grades are requested for over half of the institution's population. The university collects grades and sends notices to many different types of students, usually at the request of deans, faculty advisors and/or coaches. For example, grades are collected for all students with less than 30 credits, Greeks, athletes, and ASP students, readmits, MLK students, as well as students on academic probation. Simply receiving an Early Warning Grade report does not imply anything negative.

How are students notified of their early warning grades?
Early warning grades are displayed on the Student Information System. Paper notices are sent to both the students' local and permanent addresses. In addition, advisors have access to their advisees early warning grades.

What should I do if I receive all PAs or Passing indicators?
Keep up the good work! Your professors indicate you are doing well in class.

What should I do if I receive Xs or Not submitted or NBs (No Basis for Grades)?
This means the professor did not submit a grade. In some cases, it may be too soon for him/her to make a valid determination. Schedule a meeting with the professor to discuss your standing in the class.

What should I do if I receive one or more "D" or "F grades?

  • Talk with your professor to determine what you need to do to recover academically. Participate in any study sessions or extra help he or she may offer.
  • If the professor cannot give you as much help as you need, call the Learning Center (477-1420) to make an appointment. A member of the Center's staff will assist you in scheduling free tutoring sessions.
  • Make a personal goal to never miss a class. Absence is a significant reason for student failure.
  • If you determine that you cannot recover academically, it may be in your best interest to withdraw from a course that is causing you difficulty. Confer with your advisor to determine if this action is appropriate for you. To find out the last day to withdraw from the current semester, visit the Registrar's semester calendar page here.