There are many careers to choose from within the health professions. Here is a list of some health science programs and the amount of education required.

Do web searches to find key information sites that give you information about the job responsibilities, education, and locations of professional programs. Also visit with Dr. David Long in the Biology Department (Director of Health Sciences) to discuss your specific plans and educational opportunities in given disciplines.

"Transfer Programs”"

(2-3 years at Ship, then 2-3 years at another institution)

Thomas Jefferson University - transfer programs 

Diagnostic Imaging (x-ray, ultrasound)
Clinical Lab Sciences (cytotechnology, biotechnology)
Occupational Therapy
Clinical Dietetics/Nutrition
Mortuary Science
Health Information Management

Post-baccalaureate Certificate or Accelerated Degree Programs

(4 years at Ship, then 1 year at another institution)

Medical Technology (aka: Medical Laboratory Science)
Respiratory Therapy
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Nursing (accelerated 2nd degree BSN)
Diagnostic Imaging (e.g., sonography, radiography)
Invasive Cardiovascular Technology

Masters Degree Programs

(4 years at Ship, then 2 years at another institution)

Most of these programs will require scores from the GRE - Graduate Record Exam - as part of the application. 

Physician Assistant
Occupational Therapy (entry-level masters)
Nursing (entry-level masters)
Forensic Medicine
Pathologist Assistant
Speech/Language Pathology
Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine
Laboratory Animal Science
Low Vision Rehabilitation
Orientation & Mobility Therapy
Biological & Medical Illustration
Family Therapy
Emergency Medical Services
Health Care Education Technology
Health Care Management & Supervision
Health Information Systems
Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Therapy & Exercise Science
Anesthetist Assistant
Public Health Administration 
   - epidemiology 
   - biostatistics
   - health service administration
   - behavioral sciences (health education)
   - environmental health sciences

Creative Arts in Therapy
   - art therapy
   - music therapy
   - dance/movement therapy

Biomedical Science Graduate Programs
   - clinical microbiology
   - microbiology & immunology
   - molecular & cellular biology
   - pharmacology
   - radiation sciences
   - toxicology 

Doctoral Programs

(4 years at Ship, then 3-4 years at another institution)

- 3 year professional programs -
         Physical Therapy
         Naturopathic Medicine 
- 4 year professional programs -
       Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
      Allopathic Medicine (M.D.)
       Veterinary Medicine 
Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs
   - cardiovascular biology
   - microbiology & immunology
   - molecular & cellular biology
   - molecular pathology
   - neuroscience
   - pharmacology
   - physiology
   - radiation sciences
   - and other disciplines…... 


BS in Biology/Clinical Sciences concentration (3+1 or 4+1)

Clinical studies in medical technology, histotechnology, cytotechnology or respiratory therapy can be included in the BS in Biology program. Articulations (or close informal associations) exist with several professional sites. General education courses and core coursework in biology, math, chemistry and physics must be completed in the first three years at Shippensburg and, after successful completion of an approved clinical program, credits from the professional program will transfer back to Shippensburg to complete requirements for the BS in Biology degree. Alternatively, the undergraduate program can be expanded to five years, with the 5th year being the clinical year.

Medical Technology (aka: Medical Laboratory Science) 
Altoona Hospital (Altoona, PA)
Augusta Medical Center (Fishersville, VA)
Conemaugh Medical Center (Johnstown, PA)
Lancaster College of Nursing and Health Science (Lancaster, PA)
Reading Medical Center (Reading, PA)
St. Vincent Medical Center (Erie, PA)
Williamsport Hospital (Williamsport, PA)
York Hospital (York, PA)
Conemaugh Medical Center (Johnstown, PA)
Magee Women's Hopital (Pittsburgh, PA - non-affiliate program)
Thomas Jefferson University - College of Health Professions (Philadelphia, PA)
Magee Women's Hopital (Pittsburgh, PA - non-affiliate program)
Respiratory Therapy
Lancaster College of Nursing and Health Science - if affiliation with Millersville University (Lancaster, PA) 



Accelerated Health Professional Programs at the Doctoral Level

In these programs, the B.S. in Biology is conferred to the student after successful completion of their first professional year. Specific coursework is required during the three years at Shippensburg University, so early planning with your advisor is essential if you are interested in these opportunities.

New York Chiropractic College (3+3)
Logan College of Chiropractic (3+3)
Temple University School of Dentistry (3+
Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (3+4)
Salus University College of Optometry (3+4)
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (3+4)

See Affilations for more details