John L. Grove College of Business

324 Grove Hall, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257
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Dean's Office

John Kooti, Dean and Professor of Finance
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Debra Booz, Administrative Assistant
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Michael Coolsen, Interim Associate Dean
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Anita Weaver, Administrative Assistant 
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College of Business Academics:

Anna Bruno, Web and Faculty Support Center
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Jordan Carroll, Student Support and Retention Center
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Master of Business Administration Program

Irma Hunt, Director and Associate Professor 
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Alix Rouby, Director of MBA Recruitment, Business Internships and Entrepreneurial Outreach     
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Kacie Gordon, Secretary (Temp)
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MBA Program:

Business Internship Program

Alix Rouby, Director of MBA Recruitment, Business Internships and Entrepreneurial Outreach
(717) 477-1351 Fax: (717) 477-4073

Kacie Gordon, Secretary (Temp)
(717) 477-1140

Business Internship Program:

Charles H. Diller, Jr. Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation

Otso Massala, Director
(717) 477-1422

Alix Rouby, Center Outreach 
(717) 477-1351

Diller Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation:

Small Business Development Center

Michael Unruh, Director and ELC Coordinator
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Robin Burtner, Business Consultant/Education Programs Coordinator/Budget Coordinator
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Cheryl Young, Business Consultant
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Charles Haney, EMAP Consultant
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Small Business Development Center: 

Accounting and Management Information Systems

Brian Wentz, Chair and Associate Professor 
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Tina Commerer, Secretary
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Management Information Systems:


William Bealing, Professor
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Hyumpyo Kim, Associate Professor
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J. Jay Mackie, Associate Professor 
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Mary Myers, Professor
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Edward Pitingolo, Associate Professor
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Janice Rummell, Associate Professor 
(717) 477-1799

Huilan Zhang, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1147

Management Information Systems

Joseph Catanio, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1526

Azim Danesh, Professor
(717) 477-1674

Viet Dao, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1415

Yucong Liu, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1601

Michael Marsh, Professor Emeritus

Finance and Supply Chain Management

Ian Langella, Chair and Professor
(717) 477-1434

Christina Foschia, Secretary
(717) 477-1434 Fax: (717) 477-4067 

Supply Chain Management:


Fan Liu, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1786

Ming-Shiun Pan, Professor
(717) 477-1683

June Pham, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1139

Hong Rim, Professor
(717) 477-1172

Suyan Zheng, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1606

Supply Chain Management

David Hwang, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1775

Otso Massala, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1422

Thomas Morgan, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1677

Robert Neidigh, Assistant Professor
(717) 477-1233

Fei Qin, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1678

Robert Setaputra, Professor
(717) 477-1171

Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

William Oberman, Chair and Associate Professor
(717) 477-1625

Melissa Kougher, Secretary
(717) 477-1439 Fax: (717) 477-4068


Shelley Morrisette, Associate Professor 
(717) 477-1722


Amirmahmood Amini Sedeh, Associate Professor
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Joseph Beck, Associate Professor
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Wendy Becker, Professor
(717) 477-1410

Jerry Carbo, Professor
(717) 477-1428

Nathan Goates, Assistant Professor
(717) 477-1214

Blake Hargrove, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1440

Irma Hunt, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1607

Robert Stephens, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1684

Vicki Taylor, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1217

Allison Watts, Associate Professor
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Sunhee Choi, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1691

Yancy Edwards, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1587

Adam Powell, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1697

Mohammad Rahman, Associate Professor
(717) 477-1409

Ronald Taylor, Professor
(717) 477-1680

Juniors and seniors (with over 60 credits) and sophomores (with 45 credits and a 3.0 GPA or better), who are in good academic standing, are eligible to participate in the Business Internship Program. You should acquire an internship within a company or organization that is related to your academic major. Internships can be taken for 3, 6, or 9 credits. Credit earned through the internship program may only be used as a general or free elective credit that does not apply to your minor or major electives and may not be used as a substitute for major course requirements.

Internships must be approved by the respective department chair and internship director.

Internship opportunities include family businesses, franchises, small businesses, and corporations where there is a need for entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Internships often turn into job offers, according to post-graduate surveys of Ship business students.  Find your internship opportunities.

Shippensburg University has long recognized the need to prepare its students with more than academic knowledge and skills. Since 1972, the John L. Grove College of Business has offered a Business Internship Program that adds practical work experience to student classroom preparation. We extend our appreciation to the following list of some of the organizations that have provided internships for our junior- and senior-level business students during the last few years. In addition, the university participates annually in the Capital Region Internship Fair and sponsors an annual con-campus Career Fair, which enable our students to network with approximately 100 organizations at each event.  Past Internship Employers