SU Policy and Procedure - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need to cancel class or office hours to attend a conference?

Absence for Professional Service and/or Religious Observance

Forms are available in the dean and/or department secretary’s office or from the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, or the Social Equity Website at Faculty must ensure that their classes are adequately covered during their absences; therefore, request for said absences should be made on the Absence for Professional Service and/or Religious Observance form. This will provide notice of an impending absence. A copy of the form will be returned to the faculty member requesting a professional absence and the department chair. The original will be filed in the faculty member’s official personnel file maintained in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Absence for Professional Service

A request for professional absence (to attend a conference, professional meeting, workshop, etc.) should be submitted to their Dean's Office at least five days prior to the date of the expected event.

Absence for Religious Observance

Faculty who desire to participate in the religious observances of their particular faiths, creeds or beliefs, should provide the dates (in writing) of absences to their respective department chair, dean and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, at the beginning of the academic year (including summer) or at least two weeks before the absence is to occur.


Questions concerning leave should be directed to Mary Jane Diffenbaucher in the Office of Human Resources, x1124.

Who do I contact to check on health care benefits?


Questions concerning benefits should be directed to Mary Wilson in the Office of Human Resources, x1124.

Can I access my e-mail off campus?


Microsoft Outlook is the full-featured email and calendaring system used by faculty and staff. To access email accounts, faculty may use the Microsoft Outlook client installed on their campus PCs. Faculty with Macintosh computers should use the Microsoft Entourage client installed onto their campus Mac. Faculty wishing to access their email from off-campus may use Outlook WebAccess. Outlook WebAccess is available at

Where do I find the Faculty Handbook?

Faculty Policies and Procedures Handbook

Can I plan field trips for my students?

Field Trips

When a field trip is being considered, preliminary matters of cost to students, means of transportation, contact with the institution to be visited, probable number of class able or willing to go, etc., should be discussed initially with the department chairperson. Qualifications to be considered include: At least 2/3 of the class should be able to go; the total cost to the student should be within the financial reach of the students; only members of the class are expected to participate; the trip should be taken prior to the last month of the semester; no off-campus trips are to be planned during the last two weeks of any semester and faculty members should take into consideration the effect of the field trip on the other academic responsibilities of the students. A Request for Field Trip form, available from the office of the provost and vice president for academic affairs website (, must be completed by the faculty member, approved by the department chairperson and dean of the college and submitted to the provost and vice president for academic affairs at least 5 days prior to the scheduled trip. This enables the university to have information in case of an emergency. Information regarding field trips involving study abroad is available at the Study Abroad Website.

What do I do if I want to purchase supplies?

Financial Restrictions

Since we are a state-owned university, many restrictions apply to doing business. Rule of thumb: NEVER buy or purchase anything without prior approval from the person authorized to pay for the product/service and only after proper forms and documents have been approved. Funding for a variety of endeavors is provided by numerous sources throughout the university including the SU Foundation as well as from sources off-campus. This can be confusing. It is strongly suggested that you keep any documentation approving funding so the funding source can be readily traced through your department or dean’s office.

Purchasing commodities with university funds

Petty Cash

Tax exempt forms are available through your department secretary or from the Purchasing Office. Using the tax exempt form you purchase the item ($300 per transaction) and get a paid receipt. An approval form must be completed with required signatures PRIOR TO PURCHASES. Reimbursement is made through the Student Accounts Office.

Purchasing through the University Operating Budget

A purchase request for encumbrance needs to be entered on the financial system by the funds center of funding source. The Purchasing Office processes the order and the warehouse will deliver the order to the person indicated on the request. Purchases exceeding $1,500 must be reviewed by our University Legal Counsel and purchases exceeding $10,000 must be bid competitively under institutionally established business practices. These purchases require a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to process.

Supplies/Stores Requisition

The University’s central supply warehouse has a very limited supply of routine materials for use by departments of the university. A reservation from the warehouse needs to be placed on the financial system by your department secretary. Each department is given an allotment each year for this purpose. A listing of items available at the warehouse is on the financial system and can be accessed by your department secretary.

Can I invite speakers or consultants to my classes?


Requests to engage class speakers, workshop presenters, etc. who are to be paid an honorarium will require a contract. A purchase request for service will need to be entered and funds encumbered on the financial system by the funding source at least six weeks prior to the date of the event.

Am I permitted to speak to the press on behalf of the University?


The only university officers authorized to enter into any contract on behalf of the

university are the president, associate vice president for administration and finance, director of purchasing, and assistant director of purchasing.

Where do I eat on campus?

Food Service

Reisner Dining Hall, Kriner Dining Hall, Century Café, Starbucks, Food Court in the Ceddia Union Building

For faculty who have off-campus guests who are providing services such as class lectures at no cost to the university can get a guest meal ticket from the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs (x1308) that can be used for in the faculty dining hall or in any of the dining halls on campus. All other requests for food service on campus must have the approval of the Dean of the College.

How can I access the Library for resources?

Library Resources (

The Ezra Lehman Library, located at the center of campus, is open 96.5 hours a week during the academic year. Hours are posted on the website at under “Information.” Lehman Library’s collections include books, journals, government documents, maps, audiovisual materials, and an array of online resources, most of which can be searched off campus. Under “Databases” are over 80 databases covering every academic subject. Most of them contain the full text of journal articles which can be downloaded, printed, or emailed.

Where do I lodge guest speakers or consultants?


Lodging arrangements for consultants, speakers, etc. are handled by the Office of Campus Programs and the Performing Arts Center (x1738). Signature of the approval authority (president, provost, vice president, dean) needs to be obtained on the form before it is submitted to the Office of Campus Programs and the Performing Arts Center.

Do I need a stamp to mail professional correspondence?


Central mail services are located in Old Main Room 102B. Incoming mail and inter-office correspondence will be distributed daily. Official university mail is metered at this location. The sender’s name, department and cost center code must be placed above the return address area on the envelope on all mail requiring postage. The use of university postage to send personal mail is prohibited. Correspondence by faculty involving subscriptions, research projects, public service programs, publishers, professional colleagues and other similar academic activities are acceptable uses of the university postage system.

Who do I contact for media in my classroom?

Media Services

Provides the campus with classroom media planning and support ( including a central pool of A-V equipment), campus television studio, videoconferencing facility, and multimedia production. Visit our website for our full range of services. The facility is located in Grove Hall 008, or call x1646/1647.

Will the University support my professional memberships?


No individual memberships will be supported by University funds.

Where should I post my office hours?

Office Hours

Forms for posting office hours are available in the department secretary’s office or from the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Post hours on the office door, and even on faculty website. Five hours for a full time load is expected for each semester.

What is the photocopying policy?


Duplication and Printing Services is located in the Reed Operations Center and is the university’s central duplication facility. Faculty requiring duplication of material should bring the originals to the print shop and complete a Routine Duplication Request Authorization form. Files can also be submitted electronically by emailing the file (Word, Publisher, or PDF) to along with a request form available in Word format on the shared “S” drive. The print shop operates on a minimum turnaround time of approximately five working days, on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to exams. Color copying, collating, folding, binding, hole-drilling and paper cutting services are also available upon request. Upon completion, all duplication projects may be picked up at the print shop or delivered to your office. Delivery service is provided Mondays and Thursdays by Central Receiving. A self-serve copier is also available.

Printing of Exams: The duplication of exams is the highest priority for the print shop. Exams should not be sent or returned through campus mail.

Copyrighted Material: All photocopying of copyrighted material is governed by the Copyright Act of 1976. Copyrighted material to be used as class handouts may be reproduced for that use at a rate of 40 copies only. This limit is set by legal counsel in the State System Chancellor’s Office. If more copies or further clarification is required, you may submit materials to the Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance who will forward it to legal counsel for approval.

Who do I call with computer questions?

Technology HELP Line - Dial X4357

The Information & Technology Services division has a central HELP line (x4357) for issues related to Immediate Classroom Technology Assistance, Computer Support, Multimedia Support, Blackboard Support, Instructional Technology Support, Library Reference Desk, and Telephone/Voicemail Support. With a simple menu selection, this central phone number routes your call to the people who can address your issue.

Will I be reimbursed for professional travel to conferences?


For reimbursement of travel expenses to professional meetings, approval must be received prior to the trip. A travel reservation form (green) can be obtained from your department secretary or from the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The funding source funds center must appear on the request together with the signature of your department chairperson and the dean. Upon return from your trip, a travel expense voucher needs to be completed along with original receipts. This form can be obtained from your department secretary or from the Office of Accounts Payable (x1157).

Can I borrow a car or van for professional use?

State Car Use

Submit your university vehicle reservation requests online. Follow these steps to access the site:

  1. Log onto the Ship homepage (
  2. Click on Info@ship
  3. Click on Administration (AIS)
  4. Enter your e-mail address and password to log-in
  5. Click on the vehicle request form
  6. Click on make a reservation menu option on the left side of the screen
  7. Enter the information requested and click on the submit button,
  8. or call x1657 or e-mail


Grants Administration
Sally Paulson x1274
Paul Taylor x1705

Campus Support
Director: Christy Fic x1516,

New Faculty Mentorship
Director: Lynn Baynum x1102,