This information covers only the basics of interviewing. For more detailed information and resources, schedule an appointment in the Career Center or visit the online calendar to find out more details on dates, locations and details of upcoming workshops.

Before the Interview

  • Know yourself. Be able to speak comfortably and concisely about yourself.
  • Plan ahead. Don't wait until the last minute to get organized. Practice answers to typical interview questions.
  • Know the company/industry. Research the organization.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask during your interview.
Introducing... SHIP Career Connection: Mock Interview Module
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  • View database of 1,500+ questions that may be asked during an interview.
  • Select questions from the database to practice in your mock interview.
  • Practice answers to interview questions and review your responses.
  • Review your responses to determine some of your strengths and areas in need of improvement.
  • Share the link from your mock interview with faculty, supervisors, or peers and ask for feedback and suggestions.
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Center staff member to review your mock interview and obtain detailed feedback.
  • The possibilities are endless! Go to and click "Current Students" under "SHIP Career Connection" to get started!
Attire for Hire! (Dress professionally and conservatively)
  • Attire for Hire (Specific tips/suggestions for men and women) [PDF]
  • (Instructions on How to Tie a Tie and Colors to Wear for an Interview)

During the Interview

  • Arrive on time for the interview (10-15 minutes early).
  • Greet the employer with a firm handshake and solid eye contact.
  • Demonstrate your competence. State your skills/experience as they relate to the position.
  • Ask questions! (this conveys interest in the position!)
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time.

After the Interview

  • Reflect on the interview. Did you prepare enough? What did you do well? What would you do differently next time?
  • Follow up. Send a thank-you letter!

Second Interviews

Some companies conduct multiple interviews before extending job offers. To prepare for second interviews, ask yourself the following:

  • Why am I the best candidate for the position?
  • What do I have to offer the organization?
  • What past experiences relate well to this position?

The second meeting may involve meeting with several different individuals from within the organization. Be able to represent yourself with information and examples of how your abilities will be beneficial to the employer. The same rules of etiquette apply for second interviews. Dress professionally and follow up with thank-you letters. In a second interview, employers are looking for the following:

  • Examples of how you will benefit their organization
  • Maturity, self-esteem, and responsibility
  • Ability to get along with others
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Enthusiasm in the position and confidence in your ability to be successful in the job

Telephone Interviews

BetterTalking (Practice telephone interview skills)

Interview Topics/Additional Resources

Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviewing provides you with an opportunity to find out more about a profession/industry. This is a great way to network and develop contacts - it is NOT about asking for a job! For more information and resources on Informational Interivewing, visit our webpage on Career Exploration.

Interview Workshops Now Available Online!

The Career Center offers a variety of in-depth career-related workshops online. See below for a complete list of interview sessions currently offered online. Online sessions are viewed with Windows Media Video. To view any of these workshops, your speakers must be turned on and you must have access to Windows Media Video (.wmv files).

Contact the CDC at 717-477-1484 with any questions you may have.

If you are completing this seminar series for course credit, please complete the following steps to ensure you receive credit from your professor:

  • Review Interview Workshops I, II, and III in their entirety
  • Complete the Online Interview Workshop Survey completely and accurately to ensure you receive credit