Upcoming Job Fairs and Events

Please come to the following Job/Internship Fairs dressed professionally and be prepared for an actual interview. Bring along several copies of resume(s) and references.

On-Campus Recruitment:

September- December and February- April each year

For full list of employers visiting campus, please see Ship Career Connection.

Job Fair Orientation:

Review the PDFs below for suggestions on job fair success. For additional information and assistance, please contact the Career and Community Engagement Center to schedule an appointment.

Things to Know [PDF]
Questions to Ask/Not Ask at a Career Fair [PDF]
Tips for Making the Most of A Career Fair [PDF]
Dressing Professionally and Making a Positive First Impression [PDF]
How to Succeed at a Job Fair [PDF]
Job Fair Success [PDF]

Upcoming Job Fairs:

We hold a Career & Internship Fair as part of Career Week each October.

Please see Ship Career Connection for a full list of upcoming events.