Welcome Parents!

Random student PhotosAs parents/guardians you want to see your student succeed and so do we. The Career Center encourages students to be involved and use our services beginning their first semester on campus.

Encourage your student(s) to visit us as early as possible in order to understand how their values, experiences and interests interact with their career choices.

Planning is the Key

Many students fail to recognize that career planning is a process that starts long before their senior year (or the job search process). Shippensburg University has the programs and services to assist your student as he/she begins planning for the future. Selecting an academic major and a career path are major decisions. Encourage your student to utilize all of the resources available so that his/her career decisions are well informed.

What is Available to the Students

The Career Center has a comprehensive list of services and programs available to all students. Services include:

  • Individual career counseling
  • Walk-in hours
  • Web-based listings for jobs and internships
  • On-campus recruitment
  • Career/Internship fairs (on and off campus)
  • Graduate school advising
  • Individual assessment tools
  • Workshops and events
  • Mock interviews
  • Career resource library

If your student is entering as undeclared, we strongly recommend that he/she enroll in the PACES Seminar. In addition to providing students with valuable information about resources, this seminar is designed to assist students in exploring their values and interests as they relate to their personal, academic, and career goals. This is a non-credit seminar that meets for one hour each week.

Additional Campus Resources