For more information on references, cover letters, or resumes, plan to attend a Resume/Cover Letter Workshop offered through the Career Center. Visit the online calendar or call the Career Center (717-477-1484) for information on upcoming workshop dates and times.

General Tips

  • Include your complete contact information at the top of the page – this way the employer will know that your reference page belongs with your resume (not someone else’s).
  • References should always appear on a separate sheet (never list on the same sheet as your resume).
  • Reference page should contain 3-5 references.
  • Place contact information neatly on the page, making sure information is organized and easy to read.
  • Individuals should have agreed to serve as references for you. (Never list individuals unless you have asked and received their permission.)
  • Provide complete contact information for each individual.
  • Before listing anyone as a reference, ask his/her permission first!

Online Workshop on References Now Available!

Now, the Career Center offers a reference workshop online, available at your convenience. Online sessions ar viewed with Windows Media Video. To view this workshop, your speakers must be turned on and you must have access to Windows Media Video (.wmv files).

Contact the Career Center at 717-477-1484 with any questions you may have.

Sample Format

Title (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss) First Name Last Name
Correct Job Title
Place of Employment (Company/Organization)
Business Address (do not use home/personal contact information)
City, State Zip Code
Business Telephone Number
Email address