This information provides a brief overview of resumes. For more detailed information on resumes, visit the Career Center during Walk-In Hours or call to schedule an appointment.

Do NOT use resume templates or wizards.

  • They're inconsistent.
  • They don't like change. So, it's difficult to make updates to your resume.
  • They don't always include headings that "work for you".
  • Many online application systems do not recognize resume templates.

Helpful Forms and Additional Links

For more information on resumes, visit Alumni Career Services

Resume Workshops Now Available Online!

The Career Center offers a variety of career-related workshops online, available at your convenience. See below for a list of resume sessions currently offered online. Online sessions are viewed with Windows Media Video. To view any of these workshops, your speakers must be turned on and you must have access to Windows Media Video (wmv files).

Contact the Career Center at 717-477-1484 with any questions.

If this you are completing this seminar series for course credit, please complete the following steps (in order) to ensure you receive credit from your professor:

  • Review Resume Workshops Parts I, II, and III in their entirety
  • After reviewing the online workshops, complete the Online Resume Workshop Survey completely and accurately to ensure you receive credit

After reviewing Resumes: Parts I-III, you may submit your resume for electronic review. To take advantage of this service, follow the bulleted steps below:

  • Allow a minimum of 7 days for response to resume critiques. If you need quicker feedback on your resume, visit the Career Center during Walk-In Hours or schedule an appointment.
  • Resumes must be submitted to .
  • Only documents submitted in Microsoft Word will be critiqued.
  • Electronic critiques are not a guarantee for accuracy. Ultimately, you are responsible for the correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your resume.
  • Electronic services do not replace services provided by the Career Center. Visit the office for assistance with career-related needs.
  • Complete the Online Resume Workshop survey related to these online sessions. Your input will remain confidential and will be used to help determine information that may be added to enhance the workshops.