Policies & AOD Point System

Pennsylvania Law and SU Code of Conduct

Shippensburg University upholds all federal, state, and local laws as well as their own policies and procedures for alcohol and other drugs. These policies can be found beginning on page 109 of the Swataney Student Handbook. The Shippensburg University community is encouraged to read and become familiar with this section.

SU Drug-Free Policy

Drug-Free Campus Policy

Medical Amnesty Policy

At Shippensburg University, students’ safety is paramount. If a student has been drinking but suspects that a friend is in danger or suffering from alcohol poisoning, a student can call for help without fear of legal consequences (immunity from prosecution) due to our Medical Amnesty policy and the PA Medical Amnesty Law.

AOD Point System

The Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Point System was developed to provide a comprehensive scale concerning the impact and severity around how the University responds when students are involved in alcohol and/or other drug-related issues. Each judicial violation includes "points" that accumulate with each separate incident. This system is used to indicate the risk level for each student who has had an AOD incident and used to help determine sanctioning and level of services provided on a case by case basis.