At Shippensburg University, we care about the success of our students inside and outside of our campus community. With this in mind, Shippensburg University created the Ship CARES (Concern, Advocacy, Resources, Empowerment, and Support) team to make early contact with students experiencing challenges that impede their success during their time in college.

The Ship CARES team is led by Dr. David Lovett, Dean of Students at Shippensburg University, and is comprised of multiple stakeholders from different resources and departments across campus. The Ship CARES team meets weekly to discuss how we can support the success of our students.

To address and provide assistance with individual situations, Felicia Shearer, Early Alert Coordinator, assisted by Drew Melendez, Residence Director for Academic Success and Student Outreach, will be monitoring the Ship CARES referral system. Upon referral to the Ship CARES team, the student will be contacted by Professor Shearer to discuss the best avenue of support for the challenges they are experiencing. Our goal is to guide students through challenges while giving them the tools to navigate Shippensburg University.

Faculty and staff who are utilizing SSC Campus should continue to use that platform to communicate student concerns.

There is no matter that is considered too small to submit a referral to Ship CARES. A list of reasons that you may consider submitting a referral includes, but is not limited to the following:


  • Consecutive or reoccurring absences from class
  • Lessened quality or quantity of classwork
  • Change in academic performance
  • Student struggles to stay awake or pay attention in class


  • Worrisome changes in hygiene or physical appearance
  • Dramatic change in energy levels
  • Signs of cutting, personal violence, or self-harm
  • Known abuse of drugs and alcohol


  • Feeling of isolation or disconnection from peers
  • Lack of responsiveness
  • Threatening online postings
  • Obsession with violence, death or suicidal ideations
  • Regular or unusual financial difficulties
  • Noticeable change in emotion due to family problems or difficulties

To refer a student to Ship CARES, please follow this link to the referral form.

Please note: Submissions to this form are received and reviewed during business hours only and are NOT monitored 24 hours a day. If your reason for making a referral is related to an emergency situation, please contact either Shippensburg University Police (717-477-1444) or 911 immediately.