Student Conduct Records

Student conduct records are confidential and kept with the office of the Dean of Students.  They are not released to non-University parties without the written consent of the student, pursuant to a judicial order, or lawfully issued subpoena.  Disciplinary information may be provided in certain limited circumstances in accordance with FERPA. 

Student conduct records are maintained separately from all other University files and are not considered part of the academic record.  Student conduct records regarding expulsion and actions related to student organizations, fraternities, and sororities are indefinitely maintained.  Student conduct records regarding suspensions are maintained for three academic years after graduation or seven years from the date of the sanction letter (whichever is less).  Student conduct records regarding censure and probation are maintained for two academic years after graduation or six years from the date of the sanction letter (whichever is less).  Student conduct records regarding warnings or reprimands are maintained until graduation or for five years from the date of the sanction letter (whichever is less).


Parent Notification

FERPA allows Shippensburg University to notify the parents or legal guardians if the student is found in violation of Community Regulation 5.1 and/or 5.2 if the student is under the age of 21 at the time of notification.  Parents or legal guardians typically receive notification via a letter from the Office of the Dean of Students.  This letter is sent to the home address on record at the University.  Other means of communication such as e-mail and phone calls can be used as well.

Parents or legal guardians, students, and the University are viewed as a partnership in promoting responsible decision-making, healthy lifestyles, positive community behavior, academic success, and personal development.  Notifying parents or legal guardians of alcohol and drug-related incidents is a fulfillment of the obligations associated with this partnership.  Notification should not be viewed as punitive but rather as an attempt to engage in productive dialog.

Authorization To Release Information

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