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Business Relations On Advanced Designs for Software Innovation, Development & Engineering (BROADSIDE)

Dr. Carol Wellington 

This center was created to form intellectual and educational relationships with local industries whose purpose is to allow students, faculty and industrial collaboration on state-of-the-art computer science projects.  By working with industry on such projects, our students get real-world software development experience, and our faculty keep up-to-date with current business practices.

Center for Applied Research and Policy Analysis (CARPA)

Dr. Sara Grove 
This center promotes collaboration among faculty conducting research that benefits the University community, as well as broader communities throughout the Commonwealth.  Focusing on the evaluation of social programs and policies, the Center seeks to establish relationships with organizations that provide external support for research within Pennsylvania and beyond.  This center serves as a resource for not-for-profit organizations in collecting and analyzing data to support their missions.  

Center for Education & Human Services

The Center for Education and Human Services is the outreach office for the College of Education and Human Services.  Through a consortium of local schools, the Center provides opportunities for stakeholders to identify issues, develop solutions, and discuss emerging information useful for quality education in schools, and teacher education programs.  The Center is a resource for the providers of education and human services in the community.

Center for Education & Human Services
Dr. James Johnson
( 717)- 477-1373
Shippen Hall 350

Center for Educational Leadership


Recently established, this center hopes to support the work of executive leadership in public education.  It promotes best practices, provides discussion forums and recognizes outstanding leaders.  The center also works closely with the Shippensburg University School Study Council in providing training opportunities for area educators.  It also is designed to support the work of faculty associated with the educational leadership programs at both the master’s and post master’s levels.

Center for Educational Leadership
Dr. Gerald L. Fowler
(717) 477-1788
Shippen Hall 131


Center for Juvenile Justice Training & Research (CJJT&R)

The Center for Juvenile Justice is the educational and research division of the Juvenile Court Judges' Commission.  The center is regarded as the recognized training, education and research center for juvenile justice in Pennsylvania and is responsible for providing staff development programs designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities of juvenile justice personnel throughout the Commonwealth.  The center participates in a variety of knowledge development activities for children and youth in cooperation with the federal and state governments, universities, and the private sector.  The Center for Juvenile Justice, Training and Research is a division of the Juvenile Court Judges' Commission (JCJC) and is located in Horton Hall on the SU campus.

Center for Juvenile Justice Training & Research
John Cookus
Horton Hall 210

Center for Land Use

Dr. George Pomeroy 

The Center for Land Use works to promote sound land use, community planning, and quality of life throughout a five-county service region comprised of 43 boroughs and 95 townships.  This five county region includes Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, Fulton, and Perry.  A broad array of efforts - sponsored workshops, conferences, technical assistance, community education programs, faculty research efforts, and the placement of interns - complemented planning efforts in a region experiencing regular, sustained growth.

Center for Teaching Excellence in Mathematics & Science (TEMS)

Dr. Christine Royce 

The Center for Teaching Excellence in Mathematics and Science (TEMS) fosters and initiates systematic change in the teaching and learning of mathematic/science and mathematic/science in concert with national and state standards.  The center acts as the hub for extensive efforts among the entities involved in the Collaborative in Teacher Preparation (CETP) project.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise 

Michael Unruh 

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise  provides workforce training, organizational research and professional consulting services.  Our team of professors, independent consultants, and student partners collaborate to impel systematic on-going improvement within your organization.  By applying and transferring whole-system thinking methodologies, innovative business models and customized training solutions, the Frehn Center is here to create measurable benefits within and among the individuals, organizations, and communities we serve.

Municipalities Management Institute

Dr. Christina Sax
Sara Grove
Michael Greenburg

This center was developed as a professional continuing education program for administrative staff in the public sector and has been recognized for accreditation by the International Institute for Municipal Clerks.   The Institute curriculum consists of course work in professional development, financial management, administration of human resources, community development, intergovernmental relations and personal development.  

Institute for Public Service and Office of Sponsored Programs

Chris Wonders 

The Institute for Public Service and Office of Sponsored Programs administers all policies and procedures concerning external funding for research and scholarly activities. The office assists faculty, staff and students with their research programs and activities. Housed in Old Main, the Institute for Public Service provides a wide range of services including information about funding opportunities, writing the grant application, preparation of budgets, institutional endorsements, application preparation for transmittal to funding agencies, developing policies and programs to support research and scholarly activities. 

Interdisciplinary Science Center 

The Interdisciplinary Science Center provides inquiry-based, interdisciplinary action science to talented girls who have completed grades 6-8 and were nominated by their school district to attend a summer science academy on the Shippensburg University campus.  This center also provides state-of-the art science teaching technologies and strategies to in-service teachers in South Central Pennsylvania school districts.

Interdisciplinary Science Center
Dr. Christine Royce
Franklin Science Center 103
Dr. Richard Stewart
Franklin Science Center 232