Study Abroad FAQs

Is financial aid available for my study abroad program?

Yes, federal financial aid is available, including Federal Direct and PLUS loans, and alternative student loans are available from banks and lending agencies that offer educational loans.

Can I borrow additional money for my study abroad program?

Yes, you may receive up to the cost of your study abroad program in financial aid.

What sort of additional costs can my financial aid cover?

Your financial aid, loans included, can cover any costs listed by your study abroad provider. Flights and visa costs, for example, could be included in your borrowing eligibility for the semester you study abroad.

Will my financial aid go up because I am studying abroad?

Unfortunately, your federal financial aid will not go up because you are studying abroad. However, your ability to borrow does increase, which means you'll be able to apply for additional loan money to cover any increased costs you may incur.

Can I use financial aid from the fall and spring semester for my summer semester abroad?

Possibly. You will need to make an appointment with the study abroad representative in the financial aid office to pursue this option.

What do I need to do to receive financial aid for my study abroad program?

You need to schedule an appointment with the study abroad representative in the financial aid office. You will need to complete required paperwork in order to receive your financial aid for your semester abroad.

Will Ship submit payment to my study abroad program for me?

Unfortunately, the university cannot send payments to your study abroad program for you. Financial aid will be forwarded to the address our billing office has on file for you, and you will have to arrange to send the payment to your study abroad program. If you have additional questions about this, contact Ship's study abroad coordinator.

What is a consortium agreement?

For purposes of the study abroad program at Ship, a consortium agreement is designed to ensure that only one school provides federal aid for a student and that a student does not receive more than his or her federal max (or cost of attendance) in total financial aid for the semester/year.

What is an enrollment verification form?

In order to complete the financial aid process for a study abroad semester, Ship has to confirm that a student is attending classes at his or her study abroad site. Once you reach your study abroad site, you will be required to have the registrar at your host school complete an enrollment verification form and return it to Ship's financial aid office.

Who can I talk to about financial aid for my study abroad program?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at (717) 477-1131.