Types of Aid:



The Federal School Code for Shippensburg University is 003326.

Students should complete an electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN) in order to borrow a Federal Direct Loan or a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan at www.studentloans.gov.

Parents may complete an eMPN in order to borrow a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan after April 1st at www.studentloans.gov.

Dates & Deadlines

Prospective and returning students should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible.

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Contact Us

Due to federal privacy laws, you must call (717) 477-1131 for individual student information.

General financial aid questions can be addressed by e-mail at finaid@ship.edu. Please provide the student's Shippensburg University ID (if applicable) in all e-mails. 

Fax: (717) 477-4028

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Summer Financial Aid

If you plan to study at another college or university over the summer, please be advised that we cannot process financial aid for you unless you are:  

  • In an approved Study Abroad program
  • Enrolled in one of the approved Degree Completion Programs: 
    • Marine Science Summer Program
    • Social Work Cohort
    • Health Care Administration
    • BS/BA Business Administration
    • General Management
    • Medical Technology
  • Student teaching at another school in the PASSHE system
  • On an internship with the Washington Center
  • Taking courses NOT offered at Shippensburg University and they are approved by your department for use toward your degree at Shippensburg 

Pell Grant

If you did not utilize a full-time PELL award in fall or spring, you may have some remaining eligibility for summer. Once you schedule for summer, we will package any remaining eligibility you may have. This is an automatic occurrence. You do not need to request this aid or complete any additional forms.

State Grant

Applications for the Summer Pennsylvania state grant are only available online at www.pheaa.org/tools-resources/account-access/index.shtml. Steps to log in follow:

  • Existing users may log in to their account in the Account Access Username box on the right-hand side of the page.
  • New users will need to create an account. Under the SIGN IN button there is a Create account link.
  • Once signed in, students may view their current state grant application and information as well as apply for a state grant for the summer semester.

Each year, the deadline to apply is August 15. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits during the summer and be enrolled for at least 8 weeks (2 of the 3 summer terms) to meet the enrollment requirements for a summer PHEAA Grant, and at least 50% of the credits must be in-classroom instruction for the term (coursework coded as online or blended will not count as in-classroom instruction).

Eligibility for the PA state grant is limited to 8 full-time semester awards or 4 academic years of funding. Please be advised, students who opt to use a state grant in the summer will be using all or a portion of one of these 8 semesters of eligibility. 

Federal Direct Student Loans

Please complete a Summer Loan Application and submit to the Financial Aid office. NOTE: In order to qualify you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits at Shippensburg University, have remaining Federal Student Loan eligibility, and meet Academic Progress Requirements

Federal Direct PLUS Loans 

If you are interested in either a Parent PLUS Loan or Graduate PLUS Loan please visit www.studentloans.gov and submit a request for a Direct PLUS Loan. If this is the first time completing a PLUS Loan request and it is approved, a PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note must be completed prior to loan funds disbursing. Be sure to include the amount desired and indicate a summer loan period on the PLUS Loan request. NOTE: In order to qualify you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits at Shippensburg University and meet Academic Progress Requirements

Alternative Education Loans 

Students with zero remaining Federal Student Loan eligibility or those taking less than 6 summer semester credits at Shippensburg University may apply for an Alternative Education Loan. Please complete an application with your lender of choice and be sure to identify the loan period as being summer. A summer loan period for most lenders begins in May and ends in August.