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Graduate Student Profiles

These current and former students represent a sample of the 30-40 students enrolled in the program at any time. This page is intended to give insight into the research activities, background, and future experiences of our students.

Mishler Mark Mishler, current student

Undergraduate:Biology,Liberty University 2008

Research Topic:The influence of allogenic recharge in a karst environment, Cleversburg Sink Cave, south central Pennsylvania

Previous Experience: Fisheries Biologist in the Berring Sea

"The most beneficial skill that I have acquired from the program is technical experience using ESRI ArcGIS/ArcInfo. This is a very marketable skill and it is not something that is restricted to the geography/earth sciences career path. The faculty members in the department are very invested in providing you with the best education possible. The one on one time spent with an individual faculty member during the completion of your research is a very rewarding experience. After graduating, I plan on working for an environmental consulting or construction firm."


Hannah Kubach, current student

Undergraduate:Comm./Journalism,Shippensburg University 2005

Research Topic: Weather and wine grape quality: A comparative study of two Adams County, PA vineyards

Previous Experience: Outside Sales and Fleet Management

"The economic downturn forced me to make decisions about my future in late 2009. Four years and eight months after graduating from Shippensburg with my Bachelor’s Degree, I returned, this time enrolled in the Geoenvironmental Master’s Degree program. I chose Shippensburg because of the small class sizes, the personalization within the program, and types of classes offered within the program. While here, I’ve been able to explore geography, geology, meteorology, land use, and environmental classes, all within the same curriculum, which has allowed me to discover new passions and career goals. Post Master’s Degree, I plan on attending law school for Environmental Law."


Matt Krapf, current student

Undergraduate:Elementary Ed.,Bloomsburg University 1999

Research Topic:Building a shade-tree GIS forthe Borough of Shippensburg

Previous Experience: Fifth Grade Teacher for ten years

"I was seeking a career that I hope will afford me the opportunity to get more enjoyment out of my career as well as have the chance to work outdoors in some capacity. The faculty is very enthusiastic and passionate about their subject area. They are also available to ask questions and bounce ideas off of and they always challenge students to work beyond their perceived ability or look at a problem from a different perspective."


Tara Gettig, 2007 graduate

Undergraduate:Communications,Milligan College 2001

Research Topic:A meteorologically-based raptor migration forecast model for Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Pennsylvania

Current Position: Environmental Education Specialist for the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks

"I cannot say enough good things about the Geoenvironmental program and my experience at Shippensburg. The faculty is passionate about teaching and mentoring students and I received plenty of resources and support to help me succeed. Since environmental processes are so intertwined, the comprehensiveness of the program is certainly one of its strengths. It awarded me the confidence, experience and practical knowledge I needed to enter the environmental field professionally. In my day-to-day duties, I use a wide range of subjects to connect citizens with Pennsylvania’s natural resources and I consistently pull from the knowledge I gained at Shippensburg, especially in hydrology, land use, geology and GIS."


Greg Perry, 2009 graduate

Undergraduate:Earth/Space Science Ed.,Mansfield University 2004

Research Topic: Animation’s effect on learning: Does using animation to teach plate tectonics enhance student learning?

Current Position: Eighth Grade Earth Science Teacher at Big Spring Middle School in Newville, PA

"I enrolled in the Geoenvironmental Studies program at Shippensburg University to enhance my geology and environmental science background for my classroom. While I definitely gained a lot of knowledge that is applicable to my classroom, I also discovered other areas of interest in the geoenvironmental field, outside of education, such as zoning and planning. The degree has supplied me with knowledge I use everyday in school as well as information to become more involved in the community in which I live in and even to possibly change careers at some point in time. While the professors in the department have high expectations for learning they are also there to help guide you through the process in a supportive way."

Spaseff Kaja Spaseff, 2011 graduate

Undergraduate:Geoenvironmental,Shippensburg University 2008

Research Topic: Carbon sequestration and productivity of submerged aquatic vegetation (seagrass) in Chincoteague Bay, Virginia and Maryland

Current Position:SixthGrade Science Teacher at Birney Prepatory Academy in Philadelphia

"I enrolled in the program to obtain my teaching certifications (Earth & Space Science, General Science, and Environmental Education) and MS at the same time. My goal was to reduce the cost of my education and make my first few years of teaching less stressful (a Master degree or equivalent is required, within 6 years, to get a permanent teaching certification). Through the pursuit of this degree, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of science content and skills that are relevant for teaching in my subject areas. I’ve also had the opportunity to do research in the field that I’ve presented to my students. I’ve gained pedagogy knowledge and skills through my coursework and my role as a graduate assistant. This experience has increased my confidence and control of the classroom enabling me to become a better teacher."



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