McNair Scholars Application Fee Waiver

Shippensburg University recognizes the academic achievements of students who participate in the McNair Scholars Program. Through this recognition Ship will waive the Graduate Admissions Application Fee for any McNair scholar student.

To receive this graduate admissions application fee waiver McNair Scholars should do the following:

  1. Complete the McNair Scholars Fee Waiver Form which can be found at

  2. Complete SHIP's online Graduate School Application at Please remember you should be submitting the Graduate Degree Seeking application.

  3. Create a new username and PIN. Write this information down, you will need it!

  4. Complete all sections of the application. As you complete each section you will notice a "check mark" appears beside each section you have completed. This "check mark" means your data has been saved in our system.

  5. Once you have completed ALL sections - STOP - Do not click "Finish and Complete" or "Pay Application Fee." If you pay the application fee - we are not able to refund your payment.

  6. Email and provide us with the following information
    - The username you created during the application process
    - Your FULL NAME
    - Your date of birth
    - the completed McNair Fee Waiver form found at the link in step #1.

Graduate Assistantships

McNair Scholars are encouraged to apply for any open Graduate Assistantship positions available. There are no positions held specifically for McNair students, however, you are highly encouraged to apply by visiting

Additional Questions?

Please contact the Graduate School at 717-477-1231 or