Growing Edges Community Counseling Clinic

Growing Edges Community Counseling Clinic is a non-profit educational and counseling clinic of Shippensburg University’s Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel. The program, the only one if its kind in PASSHE, began in the spring semester of 2008. This program provides no cost or low cost, time-limit counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in the community who may not have access to counseling, while providing our graduate students in the program the opportunity to get field training.

Supervision of Student Counselors

Growing Edges Community Counseling Clinic is contained in a teaching facility and in order to meet professional standards of education and training, student counselors need to have their clients agree to allow their student counselor's supervisor full access to their client file, including videotaped or audio taped session. The supervisory process of training is treated with the same ethical concern as your confidential records.

Some of the Concerns the Clinic Addresses

Grief and loss
Life change
Peer/Social Skills
School Discipline
Substance Abuse
Developmental Delay
Physical Health

Counseling Sessions

Sessions are scheduled by appointment and last for 60 minutes.

Limitations to Services

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer services for clients with severe mental health issues, current substance addiction, or cases involving current abuse/neglect.

Growing Edges is not designed to provide crisis intervention. In the event of a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately or proceed to the emergency room. You may contact Crisis Intervention at (717) 264-2555.