Study Abroad 

Codey Fickes

"As cliche as it sounds, studying abroad in Norway
through the PASSHE Summer Honors Program changed
my life. While there, I studied leadership and the Nobel
Peace Prize, and environmental stewardship while taking
in amazing new experiences and meeting people I will
never forget. Words cannot describe how it felt to be
standing in the committee room of the Nobel Peace
Institute and submitting our official nomination for the
2016 Nobel Peace Prize. Norway is a fascinating country
that is doing everything right, and I am happy to know that
I can always call Norway "home". As a future educator, I
gained leadership skills through studying abroad that I hope
to instill in my students as they become future citizens and
leaders in our global world. My hope is that one day my
students find something they are passionate about and
make positive changes in their communities and their world." 

-Codey Fickes, Honors '17

An Honors education at Shippensburg University provides students with numerous opportunities to expand their Honors academic experience beyond the Shippensburg campus. The Honors Program encourages its students to consider studying abroad for a semester or an academic year.

Students can earn up to 6 Honors credits for the courses they complete while studying abroad. Our students have studied around the world, most recently in Denmark, Spain, Ecuador, England, and Australia. For more information on Shippensburg study abroad programs, visit the  Study Abroad website.


The Honors Program awards scholarships of up to $400 to help Honors students pay for the costs of traveling to their study abroad destinations. Applications are available on the Forms page of the Honors website and are due November 15 and April 15.

PASSHE Summer Honors Program 

Since 1985, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has provided Honors students across the commonwealth with the opportunity to study internationally with the PASSHE Summer Honors Program. Two Shippensburg Honors students have the chance to travel with this program each summer.

In May 2009, Shippensburg University hosted the 2009 PASSHE Summer Honors Program. Click here to view the website, and visit our YouTube channel for a playlist of video blogs from the trip.

Students are selected for the PASSHE Summer Honors Program through a competitive application process. Each student receives a full scholarship covering the cost of tuition, room and board, travel, and required field trips. To be eligible to apply, a participant must be an undergraduate student at a PASSHE university and a member in good standing of the nominating institution's Honors Program. He or she must also have completed a minimum of 30 hours of coursework at a state system school and must be returning to the nominating university the following fall.

Fulbright Program

The Fulbright program is administered by the U.S. State Department and is the largest and most admired U.S. international exchange program. Established by congressional legislation in 1946 to "increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries through the exchange of persons, knowledge, and skills," the program distributes 1,500 U.S. student grants each year.

Honors Program alumna Jennifer Bly won a Fulbright in 2009 to study abroad in Uruguay. Her blog chronicles her experiences.

Honors Program alumnus Ethan Goldbach won a Fulbright in 2014 to teach in Malaysia. His article illustrates his experiences.

Honors Program alumnus Curtis Rabe won a Fulbright in 2016 to teach in Germany.

University of Cambridge International Summer School

Every year the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England, provides two interdisciplinary international summer schools featuring subjects such as art, history, Shakespeare, science, literature, and medieval studies. Learn more about these summer schools by clicking here.

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