Freshmen Orientation

Rikki Sargent

"The transition from high school to college is huge, exciting, and sometimes a bit confusing! Having a mentor to guide you through the process helps ease this transition. Mentors provide support, guidance, example, when asking for guidance regarding courses, professors, and activities. Being a mentor has allowed me to watch fantastic and bright students grow at Shippensburg, and I am very excited to have been there to support them every step of the way!"
- Rikki Sargent, Honors '16

Summer Orientation Program: July 31-August 1, 2015

To help incoming Honors students learn about theopportunitiesthe Honors Programoffers to enhance their undergraduate education, freshmen Honors students participate in a mandatorytwo-day summer orientation program. This orientation is in addition to the regular university orientation held in June.

On-campus housing and meals will be provided. Please note that this event is for students only.

Additional information about the orientation will be sent to students' university e-mail addresses. If you have any questions about orientation, please e-mail Ms.Cindy Poe, Honors Program secretary, at cmpoe@ship.eduor call (717) 477-1604.

Mentor Program

Students who are admitted to the Honors Programare assignedupper-class Honors students as their mentors. Mentors provide valuable academic assistance and social support. They contact their mentee during the summer and meet with them after they arrive on campus to help orient them to the university and the Honors Program. Mentorsalso host events for incoming Honors students throughout the beginning of the academic year.