Shippensburg University Office of Housing and Residence Life Initiatives Program Order Form

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Terms of Agreement: Shippensburg University Office of Housing and Residence Life Initiatives Program is designed to help organization grow in areas of development and strengthen bonds between individuals. It is our hope that these tools and games will provide your group with the support and growth requested. Please not the following terms and conditions in using the program:

1.)    Safety is the number one priority of the Initiatives Program. Please note that the Initiatives Program is not responsible for any injuries sustained during an initiatives game, (im)proper use of materials, and/or any other circumstance where a participant may be injured.

2.)    It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all equipment and/or materials is returned to the Shippensburg University Office of Housing and Residence Life Initiatives Program in the state which it was borrowed.

3.)     In the event that equipment and/or materials is not returned or damaged beyond repair, responsibility will fall on the individual requesting the material or the organization for which they are representing to replace said items.

4.)    The Initiatives Program has the right to deny certain materials and/or activities to customers in the event that they feel the customer’s safety is at risk.

5.)    The Initiatives Programs may provide a facilitator upon request or train individuals within the organization to facilitate programs. Please understand that we have a limited number of facilitators and are requesting a two week notice for need of facilitators.

6.)    Materials, facilitators, and locations are subject to change in the event that one or more of these cannot be provided.

7.)    In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify the Initiatives Program as soon as possible.

     By checking this box I hereby understand and accept all terms and agreements 

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