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Leadership Image 2For students who want to develop as leaders.

The Shippensburg Leadership Academy LLC is designed for students who want to develop as leaders. This LLC offers students the opportunity to begin crafting their own personal definition of leadership, while being mentored by a Ship staff or faculty member.

Students can take part in dinners with local officials, attend presentations on the many dimensions of leadership, and become aware of some of the most prominent leadership positions on campus.

This LLC is for both experienced and new leaders who want to learn and practice skills that will help make them more effective in whatever they do. Whether you have been a leader in high school or you want to expand your interests into new areas at college, the Shippensburg Leadership Academy will help.

By attending and taking part in a variety of planned and structured events students will learn more about their unique leadership abilities. In addition, social and academic events are offered throughout the semester by the Residence Life staff and others across campus.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Suite-style living in the newly built Lackhove Hall
  • Lounge reserved specifically for your LLC use
  • Staff or faculty mentors who provide advising around leadership development while collaboratively creating an Individualized Leadership Plan
  • On-going workshops, planned and impromptu conversations around leadership throughout the year
  • Awareness of the preeminent student leadership opportunities at Shippensburg
  • Living with a diverse group of people who bring different leadership experiences and values, and together form their own understanding of leadership and how it touches them

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