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Instructional Design & Web Technologies Workshop Schedule

Instructional Design & Web Technologies department offers a wide variety of workshops. Please  let us know if you have a specific topic you would like covered!

Register via email at idwt@ship.edu. Please include the name and date of the workshop in your email.

We're available for individual consultations!

Need help? Please call and we will schedule a session with you.

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Online Screencasts

We have a created a compilation of IDDS created and found screencasts to help you complete your project-- just-in-time.

Adobe Acrobat
  What is Acrobat? View Now
  Complete Forms Workflow View Now
  Recording with a Microphone View Now
  Importing and Mixing Audio Tracks View Now
  Find Non-Copyright Music View Now
  Selecting and Deleting Sound View Now
  Zoom and Envelope Tools View Now
  Effects View Now
  Expert Recording as an MP3 file View Now
Camtasia Studio 6 [Link to Camtasia 5 Screencasts]
  How to Record View Now
  How to Edit View Now
  How to Produce View Now
  How to Share View Now
  Recording Tips View Now
  Record the Screen View Now
  Record Audio View Now
  Record Camera Video in Camtasia Studio View Now
  Record Camera Video in Camtasia Recorder View Now
  Draw on the Screen while Recording View Now
  Record a PowerPoint Presentation View Now
  Save PowerPoint Slides as Images View Now
  Project File Overview View Now
  Project Settings and Presets View Now
  Camtasia Studio Hotkeys View Now
  Audio Editing View Now
  Record Voice Narration View Now
  Improve Audio Quality with Audio Enhancements View Now
  Title Clips View Now
  Picture-in-Picture (PIP) View Now
  SmartFocus and Zoom-n-Pans View Now
  Edit a Zoom-n-Pan Keyframe View Now
  Tilt View Now
  Callouts View Now
  Flash Hotspots in Callouts View Now
  Custom Callouts View Now
  Transitions View Now
  Captioning View Now
  Flash Quiz or Survey View Now
  Markers View Now
  Produce Video Using a Production Preset View Now
  Share a Preset View Now
  Produce Video using Custom Settings View Now
  Preview the Production Settings View Now
  Produce a Flash (MP4/SWF) Video View Now
  Produce Video for iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, or iTunes View Now
  Table of Contents View Now
  Start and End Screens View Now
  About Box View Now
  Quiz View Now
  Playback Controls and End Actions View Now
  Upload Video by FTP View Now
  Export Zip File View Now
  Better Quality, Smaller File Size View Now
  Selecting Portions of an Image View Now
  Quick Start Guide to Impatica (Software located in IDDS Lab) View Now
  Adding Impatica Content to D2L (Text-based instructions) View Now
Learning Objects    
  Social Learning 101 View Now
Photoshop CS4
  Resizing an Image View Now
  Cropping an Image View Now
  Sharpening the Details View Now
  Saving and File Formats View Now
  The Power of Layers View Now
Photoshop Elements Getting Started View Now
  Tips Every Newbie Should Know View Now
  Using Elements Tools View Now
  The Full Edit Interface View Now
  Using the Quick Fix Mode View Now
  Using the Smart Brush Tool View Now
  Saving Files View Now
  Embedding YouTube Video Into PowerPoint View Now
  Creating and Formatting Questions with Respondus View Now
  Publishing an Assessment to a CMS D2L View Now
  Downloading Publisher Test Banks    View Now
  Importing questions with Respondus   View Now
  The Respondus Exam Wizard View Now
  SnagIt 9 Introduction View Now
  Introduction to Snagit for New User View Now
  Introduction to Snagit 9 for Existing Users View Now
  Auto Scroll View Now
  Auto Scroll Fail View Now
  Build Your Own Capture View Now
  Capturing From OneClick View Now
  OCR View Now
  Using Other Capture Modes View Now
  Old Features View Now
  Snagit Hotspots View Now
  Quick Access Bar and Hotkeys View Now
  Working With Multiple Captures View Now
  Using Stamps and Callouts View Now
  Editor Improvements in Snagit 9.1 View Now
  Backup the Snagit Library View Now
  Snagit 9 Library View Now
  Accessories View Now
  Searching and Tagging View Now
  Printing with Snagit 9 View Now
  Snagit and PowerPoint View Now
  SnagIt 8 Basics View Now
  Turnitin Originality Report View Now
  Viewing a Report View Now
Wimba (Live Classroom)
  Application Sharing View Now
  Content Display View Now
  Slide Annotation View Now
  Using Audio View Now
  Web Page Display View Now
  Getting Started with WSFTP View Now

  *Note: All screencasts were created by the software vendor unless otherwise noted.