Smart Classrooms at Shippensburg University

Smart Classroom Cart


There are over 130 Smart Classrooms and classrooms equiped with projectors. The Smart Classrooms enable faculty members to easily incorporate PowerPoint presentations, the Internet and DVD/VCR movies into their classes. The Level I Smart Classroom includes a presentor's station, contoller (allows switching between devices), sound reinforcement, VCR/DVD player, Laptop computer, and Projector on cart or mounted on the ceiling. Configurations vary.

Smart Cart Training

 Smart Cart Training Manual 

Training workshops generally start the week before class start and continue for the first two to three weeks at the beginning of each semester. Training is generally held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm because classrooms are not in use. Training is available by appointment. Email the Instructional Design and Development Services department at

Smart Cart Equipped Rooms

DHC004, DHC051, DHC102, DHC104, DHC106, DHC108, DHC110, DHC204, DHC202, DHC210, DHC206, DHC208, DHC302, DHC304, DHC312, DHC310, DHC308, DHC 306, FSC012, FSC102, FSC016, FSC030, FSC104, FSC108, FSC132, FSC134, FSC226, FSC228, FSC 242, FSC256, FSC 312, FSC336, FSC356, FSC342, GRH101, GRH102/6, GRH201, GRH202, GRH205, GRH302, GRH306, GRH404, GRH406, GRH408, HEN101, HEN 101A, HFH 230, LIB 120a, Luhr's Lib, MCT165, MCT 165, MCT 251, MCT258, MCT262, MCT263, MCT265, PAC 121, PAC 225, PAC 235, RLH 100, RLH 101, RLH 200, RLH 209, SHIP120, SHIP150, SHP100, SHP160, SHP200, SHP220, SHP224, SHP230, SHP250, SHP260, SHP300, SHP320, SHP340, SHP370, SHP380, SHR 107, SHR 109, SHR 202, SHR 205, SHR 206, STH 200

The Sympodium and Smart Notebook Software


Some classrooms are equipped with a Sympodium. The Sympodium allows you to "write" using a special device and "digital ink" directly on the monitor using the Smart Notebook software or Microsoft PowerPoint. Your writing is displayed through the projector and can be saved as a PDF in Smart Notebook or in your PowerPoint presenation.  

If your Smart Cart has a Sympodium attached (pictured), the following will help you use the Sympodium as well as the Notebook Software that accompanies it.




Sympodium Demonstration [Video]
Notebook Software Toolbars 10 (PDF 199 KB)
What's New in Smart Notebook 10 [Screencast]