The Dropbox lets you submit assignments through D2L. Instructors create an assignment in the Dropbox area that includes submission to Turnitin. Note: Your instructor sets up plagiarism detection in the Dropbox folder, all you need to do is submit the file as shown below.

Submitting an Assignment to the Dropbox:

Student Orientation 10.3 Submit File

  1. Click on the folder that you want to submit to
  2. Click Add a File
  3. Drag and drop the file in the box, or select the upload button and choose the file and click Add.
    Student Orientation 10.3 Add File

  4. Enter any Comments you wish to submit
  5. Click Submit

Submitting Group Assignments to the Dropbox:

You will see a folder with a group icon Description: Image of D2L Dropbox Group Icon. Any member of the group can upload to the folder following the same instructions above for the individual dropbox.

Reviewing Your Submission History:

  1. On the Dropbox folders page, click Description: Image of D2L Dropbox View History Icon
  2. Select the folder you want to view from the drop-down list. This will tell you the file size, date submitted, and whether it has been read and by whom.

Viewing Feedback:

  1. From the Dropbox folders page, click the icon in the Feedback column for a folder.
  2. View your comments, grades, and/or rubric achievement.
  3. Click on an attachment to download