Logging into D2L

Accessing D2L

Accessing D2L is a simple process. Type into the browser address bar: http://d2l.ship.edu.

Signing into D2L

Use your SU Email Username and Password to sign into D2L. If you have not obtained this information, please see the instructions under the First Steps: SIS & Email link which is also located in the navigation bar to your left.

In the login box, enter your username (ab1234@ship.edu) and your password.

D2L Login Screen

You have successfully logged into D2L when you see the My Home page with Shippensburg University logo in the right hand corner and the current semester located in the middle of the page.

My Courses Homepage

Access your courses by clicking on your course link in the My Courses area (also known as a widget).

My Courses

Your Coure home page will appear with the Course Name listed beside the Shippensburg University logo.

Course Home page

The Course Home page is the first page of every course. Here you'll find a a calendar (also known as the Schedule) which may display course events, News items, Updates an area that tells you what you need to do in the course such as read 10 unread discussions and Bookmarks.