Using the HTML Editor

When creating text in D2L you are working in the Design view of the integrated HTML Editor. This editor offers both basic and advanced formatting options. In addition to formatting options the Advanced tab in the HTML Editor allows you to insert pictures, Quicklinks, and objects such as audio files.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • The HTML Editor Environment
  • Using the HTML Editor
  • Copying and Pasting Content into the HTML Editor

The HTML Editor Environment

Whenever you create text (e.g., a Discussion, a News item) you will be using the HTML Editor. The HTML Editor window is shown here.


Using the HTML Editor

  1. In the text area type the desired text
    HINT: To have the HTML Editor appear full screen click TOGGLE FULLSCREEN MODE

    html 2
  2. To apply basic formatting to your text use the toolbar buttons

  3. To apply advanced formatting to your text:
    1. Select the Advanced tab
      The Advanced tools appear.

    2. Use the tools on the Advanced toolbar as needed
      HINT: You can make changes directly to the code by clicking EDIT HTML SOURCE
  4. To check the spelling of your text click TOGGLE SPELLCHECKER
  5. To preview the new changes click PREVIEW
  6. To make any additional changes to your message repeat steps 1-4
  7. If you are using full screen mode, to exit it, click TOGGLE FULLSCREEN MODE
  8. When finished click SAVE
    NOTE: The SAVE button is not visible in full screen mode.

Copying and Pasting Content into the HTML Editor

RECOMMENDED: Remove formatting from text you are copying including bullets, numbers, tabs, page numbers, etc. Pasting formatted text may add code which can cause unintended results. This may then be difficult to correct using the editing tools provided.

  1. Copy the text you want to paste into the HTML Editor
  2. In the HTML Editor select the Advanced tab
  3. To paste text that contains no formatting click PASTE copy page
    To paste text that contains some formatting click PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT copy text
    This will remove the formatting and paste only the text.
    To paste text that has been copied from Microsoft Word click PASTE FROM WORD copy word
  4. Using the Basic and Advanced tabs apply the desired formatting
  5. Click SAVE