The mission of Safe Zone is to promote a welcoming, inclusive, and emotionally and physically safe environment for LGBTQIA students, faculty, and staff through developing a network of allies who have been trained in issues of sexual and gender diversity. The program is designed to reduce homophobia and heterosexism by raising campus awareness of its presence and potential impact on individuals in our community.

The members of Safe Zone are a team of interdisciplinary staff, faculty, and students within the university who are committed to increase awareness and acceptance of the sexual and gender diversity and the LGBTQIA community. We provide education, training, and support related to LGBTQIA issues in order to increase knowledge of the diversity of sexual and gender identity. The Safe Zone symbol signifies a safe place to talk about issues of sexual and gender diversity, as well as the training and commitment of the bearer.

For more information, contact the Safe Zone Co-chairs, Jen or Sarah.

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Co-Chairs, Safe Zone Committee:

Jen Clements, PhD, LCSW
Professor, BSW Field Director
Social Work and Gerontology Department

Sarah McDowell Shupp, M.S.
Associate Director, Career and Community Engagement Center