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Accomplishments of SU faculty, employees

Following is a list of presentations, awards, honors and other achievements by or to Shippensburg University faculty and other members of the campus community. If you need further information, please call 477-1202.

  • Dr. JAN ARMINIO, professor of counseling and college student personnel and department chair, presented the 20th Annual Paulsen Lecture at Bowling Green State University on "Getting Caught at Living Ethics." She was also invited to present two workshops on assessing learning outcomes at the Great Plains regional conference of NACA in St. Paul, Minn. 
  • Dr. APRIL BAILEY, assistant professor of accounting and MIS, participated in the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition at the University of South Carolina. She also represented Grove College at the Institute on Sophomore Student Success in Savannah in April.
  • Dr. WENDY S. BECKER, associate professor of management and marketing, chaired an editorial board session in April in Atlanta at the 25th Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference. The session was related to her editorship of The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. She also presented the peer-reviewed paper "Socially responsible supply chains and I-O psychology" co-authored by Dr. JERRY A. CARBO, associate professor of management and marketing, and Dr. IAN LANGELLA, associate professor of finance and supply chain management. She also conducted two workshops titled "Leadership Assessment: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders" in Albany, N.Y.  Twenty-eight national crime lab directors participated in this research, which is sponsored by the National Institute of Justice.
  • Dr. LANCE BRYANT, assistant professor of mathematics, presented the talk "Sums of Squares and Unique Factorization: An Automathographical Tale" at Gettysburg College . Automathographical means containing, consisting of, or relating to the mathematical facts or events in a person's life as expressed by that person. He also gave the talk "Numerical Semigroups and One-Dimensional Rings" at CUNY Graduate Center in New York April 9.
  • MARY BURNETT, director of international programs, and Dr. JONATHAN SKAFF, associate professor of history, have received two-year appointments from Chancellor John C. Cavanaugh to serve on the newly-created PASSHE International Education Council. The council will advise the chancellor on efforts to increase the global content of curriculum and expand international experiences on member campuses.
  • Dr. DONNA COUCHENOUR, professor of early childhood teacher education, was invited to write an encyclopedia entry on “Family Diversity” for the Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education. Couchenour and Dr. KENT CHRISMAN, professor of early childhood teacher education, will present two sessions at the third annual Early Childhood Higher Education Diversity Conference in State College in May. They are "Preparing early childhood teachers to build reciprocal partnerships with families and communities through course design" and "Building partnerships for  high quality field experiences."
  • Dr. ALISON DAGNES, associate professor of political science, had her book Politics on Demand: The Effects of 24-Hour News on American Politics published. The book shows how politicians use the media to sell themselves and how the media uses politicians to its own advantage. It demonstrates that, with vast amounts of programming time to fill, the spotlight has shifted away from substantive information to opinion, which, in turn, has helped perpetuate partisan politics. Politicians now have to contort themselves to fit within media confines, and political discourse has become extreme and over-simplified.
  • Dr. BARBARA DENISON, associate professor of sociology/anthropology, recently convened and participated with Dr. CHAD KIMMEL, associate professor of sociology/anthropology, and Kim Philbin, graduate student in the organizational development and leadership program, on a panel on "Best Practices for Internships in Organizational Communities" at the joint meetings of the North Central Sociological Association and the Midwest Sociological Society in Chicago. The session was based on information from site supervisor feedback, interns' own reflections and faculty on-site visits and discussed practical ideas for integrating learning and application in successful internships. Kimmel also presented his paper "A Sociologist's Response to Civic Engagement: Using the Time Bank Approach to Teach About and Strengthen Community" in a session on Innovation, Challenge and Peril for Teaching Faculty.
  • Dr. MICHAEL DRAGER, associate professor of communications/journalism, has launched a statewide online journalism training program to help small- to medium-size daily and weekly newspapers provide updated skills for their full- and part-time staff reporters and correspondents. The program is the Shippensburg University/Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Foundation Journalism Training Initiative. Others from the university involved in the initiative include Dr. CHRISTINA SAX, dean of extended studies; and SHELLEY GROSS-GRAY, instructional technology specialist.
  • Dr. DOUG ENSLEY, professor of mathematics, gave a keynote address titled "A recurring theme in the mathematics of sports" for the annual meeting of the Allegheny Mountain Section of the Mathematical Association of America at the University of Pittsburgh—Johnstown. At that same meeting, he led the professional development workshop titled "Discrete Mathematics: Puzzles, Patterns and Proof" for a group of new college faculty.
  • Dr. NICOLE GREWLING, assistant professor of German, presented her paper "The World Is My Oyster? Missed Opportunities for Discovery in Daniel Kehlmann's Die Vermessung der Welt" at the North Eastern Modern Languages Association annual meeting in Montréal. She also received the Campus Life Award for outstanding faculty advisor to the German Club.
  • Dr. KAREN JOHNSON, assistant professor and associate director of the Learning Center, and graduate assistants Nicole Bollinger and Edward Anthony, presented the results of their research study on reflective tutor practices at the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference. Their paper, "Tutors Shaping Tutors: Using Tutor Narratives to Create Community, Enhance Professional Development, and Improve Training for New Tutors," was presented at the University of Delaware.
  • Dr. LENNY JONES, professor of mathematics, gave the talk "Coverings: Open Questions and Applications" for the Mathematics Department Colloquium at the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei during spring break.
  • Dr. IAN M. LANGELLA, associate professor of supply chain management, recently reviewed a textbook on business statistics for Prentice Hall.
  • Dr. BLANDINE MITAUT, assistant professor of French, presented her paper "Babel, où es-tu ? Le monde trop petit de Blaise Cendrars" ("Babel, Where Are You? Blaise Cendrars' Overly Small World") at the New Worlds, New Spaces 20th/21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium in Toronto March 26.
  • Dr. AGNES RAGONE, professor of Spanish and French, presented her paper "Translating Hispanic Life in Comics" at the 40th Annual ACA/PCA Conference in St. Louis.
  • Dr. ROBERT SHAFFER, associate professor of history, Dr. JOHN BLOOM, assistant professor of history, and Dr. MICHAEL STEFANY, visiting assistant professor of history, served as judges at the South Central Pennsylvania regional National History Day competition at Messiah College. Three students from Shaffer's "Teaching Social Studies Methods" class, Jeffrey Blanc, Mark DelliCarpini, and Andrew Hagerich, also served as judges. Shaffer had a review essay, "Speaking Up for Japanese Americans," published in the Spring 2010 Journal of American Ethnic History, and his review of Michael Honey's "Going Down Jericho Road" will appear in the July 2010 issue of Peace & Change.
  • Dr. RICHARD D. STONE, professor of marketing and logistics, presented his co-authored paper "Battlefield Preservation along the Confederacy's Northern Line of Defense West of the Appalachians,"  at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers.
  • Dr. ROBERT ZIEGENFUSS, assistant professor of teacher education, chaired a series of workshops put on by the Professional Seminar Committee of the Department of Teacher Education coordinated with the Field Services Exhibition Day. Also participating were Dr. MARY PAXTON, assistant professor of teacher education; WILLIAM COBB, director of the Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School; and PATRICIA GOCHENAUER, associate director of the Career Development Center. Paxton and Ziegenfuss also worked with officials at the Yellow Breeches Middle School to conduct a visitation and seminar of what it would be like to be a middle level teacher.
  • Six members of the campus community went to Kutztown University  to hear a talk by Gloria Steinem. Attending were MARY BURNETT, director of international programs; EMILEE DANIELSON, director of fraternity and sorority life; STEPHANIE ERDICE, interim director of the Women’s Center, and students Anne Greenawalt, Victoria Hummel, and Kristen Schada. 
  • A number of members of the campus community were involved in efforts to enable Shippensburg to be one of the first universities in the state to provide all nine certifications for the middle level certification in the training and education of teachers in the public schools of Pennsylvania. Members of the Task Force for Upper Elementary/Middle Level Teacher Certification are chairs Dr. JOE SHANE, Dr. ROBERT ZIEGENFUSS, Dr. ROBERT BARTOS, and Dr. PEGGY HOCKERSMITH; and members Dr. JULIE BAO, Dr. DAVID BATEMAN, Dr. TARA HORST, Dr. MIKE LONG, Dr. KATHERINE MCFARLAND, Dr. EUCABETH ODHIAMBO, Dr. JOSE RICARDO, Dr. SUSAN RIMBY, Dr. CHRISTINE ROYCE, Dr. CHRISTOPHER SCHWILK, Dr. CHERYL SLATTERY, and Dr. JAN SMITH.
  • Five faculty members have received project funding from the first Council of Trustees Presidential Faculty Development Grants. They are: DAN SHIFFMAN, "Representations of Education across the Canon of Jewish American Literature," $1,000; NICOLE GREWLING, "Research for article on German-Indian Cultural Heritage in Der Schuh des Manitu," $1,000; MUSHENG CHANG, "Characteristics of Self-Insured Nursing Homes in Pennsylvania for Workers' Compensation Liability," $1,000; HEATHER SAHLI, "Development of a Plant Systematics Garden for the campus of Shippensburg University," $850; and NATHAN THOMAS, "Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Double-Crested Cormorants from City Island, Harrisburg, PA," $956.