What to do?

Victim of Relationship Abuse or Violence, Stalking or Harassment

Please know that being a victim of Relationship Abuse, sometimes called intimate partner abuse, Stalking or Harassment is not your fault. If you have been abused or attacked by someone you are in a relationship with or someone is stalking or harassing you, you have options and resources to help you through the situation. Below is information about actions available to you.

Call 911 or your local police department

On-Campus Authorities / Off-Campus Authorities

Safety - Find a safe location away from your attacker. If you live in the same residence hall with this person there are safety options both on and off campus available to you..

Injuries - If you suspect you are injured (broken bones or ribs, lacerations, concussion etc) please seek medical attention in an emergency room or doctor’s office.

Reporting (law enforcement) - If you would like to report the crime to the police consider the following:

  • Preserve all evidence of the attack.
  • DNA evidence is an integral part of a law enforcement investigation that can build a strong case.

After the Assault Do Not:

  • Preserve all evidence
  • Take pictures of injuries
  • Save all communication – text messages, social media posts, voicemails, notes
  • Vandalism (document with pictures and/or witnesses)
  • Write down all the details you can recall about the incident(s) <

*if you are unclear which law enforcement agency to call because the incident(s) occurred off-campus, you can still contact the SUPD. They will assist you in finding the correct law enforcement agency to investigate the crime.

Report (University)

Students have the rights to report violations of the Student Code of Conduct to Shippensburg University to be investigated and adjudicated through our Student Code of Conduct process. To report an incident to the university please contact either the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Social Equality or Residence Life Staff. Faculty and staff, with the exception of employees in the Counseling Center, Health Center, Women’s Center and Spiritual Center, are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct, including relationship violence, intimate partner abuse, staking, and harassment etc.

Dr. David Lovett Stephanie Erdice
Dean of Students Shippensburg University Title IX Coordinator
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dllove@ship.edu smerdice@ship.edu
(717) 477-1164 (717) 477-1123, extension 3111

Seek Counseling, Support Services, and Other Information

– Healing from an incident(s) takes time and there are many resources to help you. Give yourself the time you need and know that it is never too late to get help. The following resources can provide answers to question and support throughout your healing process. All the resources listed below are confidential. Local, off-campus agencies operate 24 hour hotlines and can be reach at any time. The internet can also be a good option for finding confidential information. The national websites below can help you gather information and get questions answered.

On-campus / Local Off-campus / National