Ship Lingo

Every community has it’s own culture and Shippensburg University is no exception. Here are some helpful words and acronyms for you to keep on hand for when your students calls home:

Academic Year- The Academic year is divided into four semesters; Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. At Shippensburg the calendar usually follows this outline: Fall semester takes place from late August-mid December. Winter term runs during winter break. Spring semester is from early January-early May. Summer semester is split into 3 terms from May-early August

Academic Probation- A student not meeting the minimum requirements for academic progress set forth in the college catalog may be subject to academic probation.

Baccalaureate degree- More commonly known as the Bachelor's degree is a college degree granted in a specific field of study.

Big Red- Big Red is the Shippensburg University Mascot. This Red-tailed hawk is extremely school spirited and can be found running around at most of the university’s sporting events.Big Red 2

CUB- The CUB, also known as the Ceddia Student Union Building houses the Galley food court, the Snack Shack, the University Bookstore, the Student Senate office, and a majority of the large events on campus. The Red Zone and the game room are a great way to go relax after a study session.

Dean's List-Students who excel in their courses are named to an honor roll at the end of each semester. In order to receive this distinction, students must be attending full time and earn a GPA of 3.5 or above for the semester.

Elective- An elective is a course that a student chooses to take outside of her major field of study. An elective can be in an area of interest to the student or in an area that complements the student's major.

General Education- The courses you are required to take in order to graduate, regardless of major. Information about the general education courses can be found in the registrar's office by asking an academic adviser.

GPA- The grade point average, GPA, is the numerical grading system used by most colleges in the United States. A students GPA determines her eligibility for continued enrollment, financial aid, the Deans List, and honors. At Shippensburg the system is set up so that:A=4.0 A-=3.7 B+=3.3 B=3.0 B-= 2.7 C+=2.3 C=2.0 C-=1.7 D=1.0 F=0.0

Major- A student's field of specialized study.

Minor- A collection of courses a student takes in a specific field of study to supplement to the students Major.

Syllabus- A document, usually one or more pages, distributed to students by the professor. Generally it encompasses the professor's expectations and class requirements.