Fire Safety

Fire Statistics [ Fire Statistics PDF]

Every residence hall is equipped with an automatic smoke/heat detection system monitored 24 hours a day by university police. The system also includes strobe light units to notify students who are hearing impaired. An alarm prompts immediate evacuation of the building. The system also self-tests for tampering and reduces the chance for false alarms.

Each individual residence hall room has an AC powered smoke detector with battery back-up which resident assistants check during monthly room inspections.

Fire drills are conducted monthly in all residence halls. Students who fail to evacuate as required are referred to the judicial system.

All residence halls are equipped with fire sprinkler systems. Mowrey, Naugle, and McLean Halls have fire department-approved standpipe systems which allow firefighters to direct water to fire connections within the building. The other residence halls, which are two or three stories, do not have stand-pipe systems but do have extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are also provided in many different areas of all campus buildings. Fire hydrants are located outside each residence hall.

The Department of Public Safety conducts monthly building inspections of every campus facility. Fire extinguishers are checked monthly.


You may now pay your parking tickets online.  Faculty, staff and students who will be parking vehicles on campus will be required to register those vehicles for parking decals online.

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