2016-2017 Shippensburg Army ROTC Cadre and Staff

Wright Hall, 2nd Floor

Professor of Military Science
Major (MAJ) Christopher Morton

MS IV Instructor
Branch: Aviation
Wright Hall 201
Cell: (717) 222-7435
Office: (717) 477-7682

Senior Military Science Instructor
MSG Black (effective November 2016)

Senior Military Instructor
Branch: Infantry
Wright Hall 203

Office: (717) 477-1893

Executive Officer
Major (MAJ) Bill Lloyd

MS I Instructor
Branch: Field Artillery
Wright Hall 202
Office: (717) 477-1891

Captain (CPT) Jeb Townsend

MS II Instructor
Branch: Infantry
Wright Hall 204
Office: (717) 477-1895

Major (MAJ) Kristen McCrossen

MS I Instructor
Branch: Chemical
Wright Hall 204
Office: (717) 477-1894

Sergeant First Class (FSC) Matthew Wright

MS III Instrucor
Branch: Infantry
Wright Hall 205
Office: (717) 477-1892

Dr. Joseph Hasper

Recruiting and Scholarships
Wright Hall 207
Cell: (717) 404-7092
Office: (717) 477-1897

Mr. Byron Stouffer

Human Resources Assistant
Branch: Armor
Wright Hall 206
Office: (717) 477-1782

Mr. Rodney Oberbroeckling

Supply Technician
Wright Hall 018
Office: (717) 477-1794

Second Lieutenant (2LT) Jesse Pisano

Gold Bar Recruiter
Branch: Military Police
Wright Hall 204
Office: (717) 477-1895

Second Lieutenant (2LT) Mike Lloyd

Gold Bar Recruiter
Branch: Infantry
Wright Hall 203
Office: (717) 477-1892

Upcoming Events 

Spring 2017 ROTC Enrollment 
Thru January 30, 2017 
Current Ship sophomores can get started in ROTC
now--even if you didn't take it last Fall or last year! The 
Military Science 232 class has no prerequisites and    
gives you 2 credits towards elective. Ask your advisor to 
to add the class or contact us for more info.


Contemporary Military Issues Course Open
Thru January 30, 2017 
Military Science 399 (Selected Topics: Contemporary  
Military Issues) enrollment is now open for all Ship students. 
This 3 credit elective will look at historic US military actions 
through the lens of current Army doctrine.

Cadet For A Day   
April 27, 2017
9am - 5pm at Shippensburg University                        
High school Juniors and Seniors spend a day
shadowing one of our cadets through a normal 
college day--including ROTC class. 

Online registration opens March 1, 2017

FB/ShipROTC Facebook.com/ShipROTC

For Information:

Dr. Joseph Hasper
ROTC Enrollment Officer
Wright Hall 207

1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257
Telephone: 717-477-1896  
Cell/Text: 717-404-7092
Fax: 717-477-1783

Click here for info!

Current Cadets:
For pay, contract, and travel issues contact:
Mr. Byron Stouffer
717-477-1782 BCStouffer@ship.edu
Wright Hall 206

For uniform or equipment issues contact:
Mr. Rodney Oberbroeckling
717-477-1794 RJOberbroeckling@ship.edu
Wright Hall 018

Army Links

www.army.mil - Official Homepage of the US Army

goarmy.com/rotc - Learn more about Army ROTC

Army Reserve - All about the Army Reserves

National Guard - Official website for Pennsylvania Army National Guard