Sociology / Anthropology Internships

Internships are a valued part of our curriculum. An internship provides students with an opportunity to apply their academic skills in a job placement and explore various career opportunities. Internships also provide opportunities for networking and to secure letters of recommendations for later employment. Because Sociology is a broad field, an internship can ne especially useful in highlighting for employers a graduate's interests and skills.


1. Must be a junior or senior
2. University Policy GPA - 2.5 overall
3. Department Policy GPA - 2.5 in your major

1. Get an Internship Application

Download an internship application from the Sociology/Anthropology web site or get copies from the departmental secretary, Lisa Dubbs (Grove 428).
Download the internship form here: Internship Form

2. Contact an agency in which you are interested.

The Sociology/Anthropology Department does not initiate the placement of interns. Internships are self-initiated, and are not limited to the choices found within the internship reference guide.

3. Meet with Dr. Kimmel for approval.

Dr. Kimmel is the internship coordinator for the Sociology/Anthropology Department and can provide you with information on internships and help you with the necessary forms. Once your internship is underway, though, your primary contact with the department can be any faculty member, if he or she is willing to work with you.

4. Select a faculty advisor and complete the paperwork.

You may select any sociology/anthropology permanent faculty member only as an advisor for your internship. The faculty member you choose must agree to serve as your internship advisor. Once you have a faculty advisor, complete the paperwork and give it to Dr. Kimmel.

5. Begin working.

Agencies that accept interns have policies and procedures that are unique to them. Specifications such as when, where and how to begin working will be arranged through direct contact between you and the agency in which you are interested.

Contact Information:

Dr. Chad Kimmel
Grove 431
Phone: 477-1706