President's Cabinet 2019-2020

Laurie Carter, JD, President

Dr. Tom Ormond, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Scott Barton, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance

Dr. Sue Mukherjee, Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Kim Garris, Chief External Affairs Officer

Dr. Stephanie Jirard, Assistant Provost & Chief Diversity Officer

Mr. Chris Clarke, Executive Director of Operations

Dr. Nicole R. Hill, Dean, College of Education and Human Services & Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. John G. Kooti, Dean, John L. Grove College of Business

Dr. James H. Mike, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Michelle Foreman, Dean of Libraries

Dr. Tracy Schoolcraft, Associate Provost

Ms. Denise Yarwood, Associate Vice President & Dean, Elnetta G. Jones University Center for Student Success and Exploratory Studies

Ms. Mindy D. Fawks, Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance

Dr. Jennifer Haughie, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

Mr. Barry McClanahan, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

Ms. Maya Mapp, Director of Admissions

Dr. Joseph Zume, Chair, University Forum

Dr. Kara A. Laskowski, President, SU APSCUF

Mr. Curt Miller, President, SU AFSCME

Ms. Lori Smith, President, SU SCUPA

Mr. Don Mayer, Designee from APSCURF

Mr. Stephen Washington, President, Student Government Association

Dr.. Leslie Clinton, Shippensburg University Foundation

Mr. Ken Bach, Drector, Communications and Marketing

Mr. Stephen Washington, Student Government President

Ms. Dominique Butterbaugh, Graduate Student Association President