Human Understanding Grant


We are a thriving campus community that strives for diversity among its members and equal access to educational and support resources for all.  We value social equity and multiculturalism as means of promoting institutional innovation, problem solving, justice, fairness, and understanding.  As such, the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Compliance is inviting proposals for the Human Understanding Grant from university constituents interested in offering programs that seek to sustain a welcoming environment, one which fosters a climate of inclusion and diversity on our campus.   The objective of these programs should be to promote acceptance, deepen our commitment to equality, and recognize respect and value difference within our community and beyond.

Please note the following changes to the proposal guidelines:

  • Starting this spring 2020, proposals will be due at the end of the term preceding the term during which the proposed activity/event is set to take place (May 1, 2020 for Fall 2020). To accommodate for this change in guidance, the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Compliance will accept proposals for programs scheduled to occur this spring 2020 and in the fall 2020.
  • The HUG committee will not recommend funding beyond $2500 per program.  The Committee may not recommend funding the proposal at all or in full.
  • A rubric is now available to help proposal sponsors better understand the evaluation process. That rubric can be found at the following link:

Funding Criteria:

The Human Understanding Grants Committee will review all completed applications submitted in response to this Request for Proposals.  However, restrictions do exist for the funding of multiple individual or departmental requests.  The Committee encourages collaboration in developing proposals and suggests that members of the same department or organization consult each other before applying for this grant, as the following criteria apply:

  1. Departments or organizations may not receive funding for more than two activities per semester.
  2. Individuals may not receive funding for more than one activity per semester.
  3. Departments, organizations or individuals may not submit multiple requests for the same event, or portions of the same event.  The Committee suggests that additional funding be sought through other funding sources.
  4. After-Action Reports must be submitted and on file with the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Compliance if your department/organization received funding within the past two years by this committee to be considered for a new proposal.
  5. Describe how the proposal will create a climate of inclusion and diversity and affect the majority of the campus community.
  6. Result in a measurable, direct educational experience.
  7. Align with university-wide goals, especially those that advance diversity and inclusion.
  8. Include measurable goals and learning outcomes and describe program assessment of those goals and outcomes.
  9. Ongoing/repeat programs will be expected to demonstrate effectiveness.  The value of past experience can be demonstrated through corrective or adjusted program components.

To apply:

  1. Head to Shippensburg University's InfoReady Review Portal
  2. Log In (top right)
  3. Click on blue "Shippensburg University Web Login" button
  4. Apply (You may save your work and come back later if you wish.)

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Compliance at (717) 477-1161.