Welcome to the Office of Educational Intelligence & Technology!

Our goal is to merge technology, information science and institutional research to leverage and optimize educational intelligence, assessment practices, predictive analytics and technology tools to meet the university’s strategic priorities.

Ship Analytics Platform:

Shippensburg’s students and their success are the central focus of the Office of Educational Intelligence and Technology. To promote our student’s success, we’ve created an analytics platform to provide relative information, reports, and analysis on our students, their influence in the regional workforce, as well as their relationships and engagement with Shippensburg.  The information available in the platform is broken into three primary subject areas:

  • students


    This area of insight provides information, reports, and resources that measure our students' successes and achievements. It provides insight into the different factors and trends that influence student success. With this information, we aim to provide the best opportunities for our students as well as the information necessary for our faculty and staff to make data-driven decisions on the best policies and practices that affect our students.

  • assessment

    Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

    This area offers insight into Shippensburg successes when it comes to engaging students, faculty, and staff as well as the ability to effectively utilize resources. The information and survey analysis available include metrics that measure student's engagement, satisfaction, and perception of Shippensburg. The data also includes information on internal program reviews and assessments.

  • workforce


    This area focuses on aligning our students with careers by providing a number or resources to help students discover careers and job opportunities that will enable them to be successful after they graduate. In addition, resources are available to provide data analysis on the latest workforce and job trends that allow faculty and staff to align course curriculum and career services to meet the ever-changing demands for diverse skills in today’s job market.