Data Governance

Data governance at Shippensburg is overseen by the university data governance committee.  The committee consists of members from various departments and functions within the university and is responsible for establishing, upholding, and maintaining the set of practices and principles that ensure high quality through the complete lifecycle of data uses across the university's campus information systems.  The goals of data governance at Shippensburg are to:

  • Establish common data definitions, in alignment with the state system definitions, across the campus community to ensure data integrity by:
    • Identifying commonly used definitions across campus
    • Establishing and aligning with the State System data governance policies
    • Communicating common definitions across campus on our OEIT site for broad dissemination
    • Operationalizing use of the Data Cookbook
  • Streamline the semester data-freeze process (production of freeze, preliminary, and final data)
  • Identify and disseminate common reports that are used across campus to access data elements
    • Align reports with common definitions
    • Communicating information on commonly used reports that can be found in a unified space for all data users across campus



Data Classifications and Definitions:  Information and documents on the university data classification and usage policy and well as the common business definitions and metrics used throughout the university.

Common Reports: Information and resources on helpful reports that are available to faculty and staff that are commonly used to pull student, faculty, and staff data. (Coming soon!)