Barracuda Spam Filtering

Shippensburg University uses the Barracuda Email Security Service to scan inbound and outbound email messages for faculty, staff and students to help identify and block/quarantine unwanted spam, phishing, infected or malicious e-mail messages. The system quarantines suspected spam messages delivered to Ship email accounts for 30 days where recipients can act on the messages as needed.

It is recommended that you check the Barracuda Email Security Service on a regular basis to examine your quarantined messages. You may also configure it to send a daily or weekly digest of quarantined messages for quick review.


On June 26, 2020, Shippensburg University moved from the previous Barracuda Spam Firewall ( to the new Barracuda Email Security Service (

Messages received on and after June 26, 2020 will be examined by the new Barracuda ESS system. No new messages will appear in the previous Barracuda Spam Firewall.

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Barracuda Email Security Service

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For assistance using the Barracuda Email Security Service, please click here.

The video below covers how to use the Barracuda Email Security Service [opens in new window].