Intranet Pages



The purpose of the Intranet is to share relevant internal information with students, staff, and faculty without displaying the content to a public audience.  Individuals logged in with their username and password can view all intranet content.

Art Intranet in page structure

In Episerver page functions [see Editor's Interface] the intranet page is the first page under the department's main page and is identified with an orange seal_[departname] Intranet [see Art Intranet on right].  Do not change the main Intranet page title.  All pages added as subpages within the Intranet page will automatically be linked by title on the intranet page.  All pages added or moved as subpages of  Intranet page will only be available if logged in.

The page tree structure is located in edit view under Pages in the Navigation Pane.

Add an Intranet Page

    • Open the Navigation Pane. imageq8m6p.png
    • Click on the hamburger menu icon, right of the _Intranet page, to add a subpage. imagemd0ko.png
    • Click “New Page” in the expanded hamburger or the + (plus sign) icon on the bottom left-hand side of the menu. imagecr1ev.png
  • Name the page and select the page type appropriate for the content.
    Page types

Edit Intranet Page Content

  • Double click the page title in the navigation pane.  This will open the page you have selected in the content area including a content editing WYSIWIG toolbar.  Page related blocks will also appear. [see working with blocks]
    Content Area

Move a page to the Intranet

  • Use drag-and-drop to move a page under Intranet, or select Cut in the context menu for the page to be moved, and select Paste at the page destination.
    • Pages can be moved by using keyboard commands [Ctrl+x or Cmd+x, and Ctrl+v or Cmd+v.] 
  • When pages are moved, internal links are redirected to the new location and are not broken. However, external links pointing to the moved page will be broken.



Removing content

  • Removed folders, pages, blocks and media files are moved to the trash and are not publicly available on the website. 
    • Remember to update any links to removed content. When pages are removed, all subpages below it are removed also. image1gpoq.png

Displaying Intranet Content

  • Create a link on department navigation menu to the main Intranet page [See editing navigation menu]
  • Intranet content links will automatically display alphabetically by the title listed in the page structure.
    • NOTE: Subpages of a file will show as indented below the file it is related to:

      view of intranet file structure

  • View on page after log in:

    view of intranet page