Creating Web Forms / Survey

  • Create a content page including the form name and any introduction text. Publish that page.  Links to form should be added to this form page. Form collection information can be found on another page. 
    • Follow instructions on how to create a page here.

Create Form block      Submit and Send Function        Accessing Form Data

Create a form block

  • Forms can be created by clicking on create a new block, found at the bottom of the page where the form will display. Create Form
  • It can also be created from the Asset pane at the Top Right of the window, Select Block and navigate to the Folder that contains the page where the form is to be created, click on the menu option and select "New block"
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the New Block page. Click on Form container.

Create Form3


  • Change the Name of the form and set the properties, then click Create. 

Create Form4


  • Click on browse to add form elements to the form or drag and drop form elements into the container.

Create Form5


  • Add as many elements you want to add to the forms and rename all the form elements for proper identification

Create Form6

  • To edit the form, it can be accessed from the asset pane scroll down to select “For this page”, click on the menu options then click edit to make additional changes.

Create Form7


Submit and Send Function

  • Select "Allow anonymous submissions" for Submit to function properly
  • Select edit for the form block (All Properties)
  • Then select Content
    content Settings

  • Click “Allow anonymous submissions
    Allow Anonymous 


  • Publish when complete

Send Information

  • Select Settings and click on the + (plus sign) and click “Send email after form submission”
    Send settings

  • Fill out the email send information

  • Click Publish? Publish when complete. 

Accessing Form Data

  • To retrieve data collected by forms, follow the instructions on Form Data.