Getting Started

Interface and Functionality Overview


This document outlines EpiServer's toolbar and panes. If some functions do not work, this could be due to your granted access or an inactive function. 



Navigation Pane

  • All sites are listed alphabetically and show the pages of the website as a tree structure.

  • Pin Navigation Pane Settings:
    • If the pane is expanded, click the pin pinto save settings for the next login to the website. 
  •  When a page is highlighted, click on the hamburger menu pageclick to the right of the page title for these options:
  • New Page 
  • Cut 
  • Copy 
  • Paste 
  • Move to Trash
  • Edit Approval Sequence 

 Toolbar Options

  • Click on the navigation tree Show nav paneto open the navigation pane. Hover over the right-most edge of the Navigation Pane column until the width icon Width Icon #176065 - Free Icons Library  appears, then click and drag the pane to the desired width. 
  •   Click the plus sign (highlighted) in the top left corner to create content (i.e. add a new page or block.) 
    Click the view settings icon to toggle view settings. 
    • Under EN, available page languages can be found. 
    • Under the person icon, visitor view can be found. 
    • Under the tablet icon, different resolutions and channel methods can be found. 
  • Page previewClick the preview icon to preview the page. Click the preview icon again return to edit mode.

Content Area

  • The content area shows the current page. It can also be a specific area on a web page for adding content through drag-and-drop operations. Clicking on a specific area will open the content in the WYSIWYG or HTML Editor.
    Content Area

Options/Publish Button

  • The options button appears in the top right corner of the page until changes are made to the page. Click the down arrow for more information. 
  • The publish button appears when content is changed on the page. Click down arrow to reveal the options of: ready to publish, schedule for publish, and revert to published.


Options no change



 Assets Pane/Forms Editing

  • The assets pane contains blocks, media and forms for customization. Click on the file icon in the top right hand corner of the page to expand.

Assets pane