Updating Navigation Menus

Auto-navigation    Curated/supplemental navigation


Add pages to Auto-navigation

  • Select the page to be included in All Properties view. 
    All properties view screen

  • Click Display in navigation.
    Auto-nav display screen

  • In the Content area, select Display breadcrumbs on page and Display auto left navigation.
    screensho auto

Exempt pages from auto-navigation

  • Pages that are linked from other pages, but are not to be included in the navigation can be excluded.
  • Select the page to be excluded and select All Properties view.
    All properties view screen

  • Deselect Display in navigation.
    Auto-nav display screen

  • Click Publish? > Publish Changes.

Re-order navigation

  • The auto-navigation and breadcrumbs are determined by file name and file location in the navigation pane. These will change on the web site pages as files are moved in the navigation pane.
  • Select the page in the navigation pane. Hold down the mouse button and move to desired location

    Auto-nav select

  • Release mouse click at the desired location to drop the page in place.

    Auto-nav release screen

  • The following warning will pop-up, click Yes
    Auto-nav warning screen
    • The page navigation view on site. 

      Navigation on Page screen

Curated or supplemental menus

  • In the Page Navigator, go the main file. Click on the file.
  • Without going into the page edit mode, select the toggle assets pane. imageemtl7.png 

  • Select Blocks.

  • Scroll down to the bottom to For This Page
  • Select the hamburger menu to the right for Left Nav 1 to edit
    For this page edit view

  • Click in the gray space above the yellow bar to make the assets pane disappear. DO NOT click on an icon.

  • Click on the All Properties (bulleted list) icon

  • Scroll down your menu and click create a new link.
    Menu add view

Create Link Form

  • The above actions will open a Create Link pop-up window. 
create link tool view
  • Link name is what will appear on the menu.
  • Title is not required. 
  • Open in new window selection is only needed for an external link.
  • Select the type of link.
  • Page is for content pages.
  • Media is for PDFs, documents and images. 
  • Email is for emails. 
  • External link is for links to external websites. 
  • The remaining URL is not required.
    • If the link is a Ship page or a media link, scroll to file using the ellipses box Scroll for page button view
  • Click OK. 
  • After the link is added, click on the link in the list. Then, drag it up the list to desired location. 


  • When done, click Publish? > Publish.