The page tree structure is located in edit view under "Pages" in the navigation pane. The website structure is comprised of pages. By default, the page structure is reflected in the navigation menus. To simplify navigation, limit the sub-menu structure to a maximum of three levels. 

Page structure


      Add a Page


  • Open the navigation pane by clicking on the navigation tree Show nav panein the top left hand corner of the webpage.
  • Click on the hamburger menu to the right of the main page. The subpage will be added here. 
  • Once the navigation pane is expanded, click the plus sign (+) on the bottom 
  • left corner to add a new page.  
    • Alternatively, click the plus sign (+) in the top left corner to add a new page before expanding the navigation pane. 
  • Select the appropriate page type.
    • Suggested Page Types
      • Ship Template Page- Basic page layout with option to include left navigation menu. 
    • Other Page Types
      • Ship High Level Page
      • Ship Intranet Page- Ship Intranet homepage.
      • Ship Template Page- Basic page layout with option to include left navigation menu. 
    • Specialized
      • Container Page 

        Edit Page Content

  • Double click on the page title in the navigation pane. This will open the selected page in the content area including a content editing WYSIWIG toolbar. Page related blocks will also appear. [See working with blocks]
    Content Area

       Copying a Page

  • New pages can be created through copying an existing page. 
  • Select the page that will be copied. Click on the hamburger menu to the right of the page title.Click "Copy," then select "Paste" on the destination page.
    • Pages can be copied by using keyboard commands [Copy: Ctrl+C or Cmd+C; Paste: Ctrl+V or Cmd+V.]
  • Subpages and associated media files in local page folders are also copied; the links point to the new copy of the page. Settings, such as dynamic properties and categories, are also copied with the new page.

       Move a Page

  • Use drag-and-drop to move a page. Or, select "Cut" in the context menu of the selected page to move, and select "Paste" for the destination page.
    • Alternatively, keyboard shortcuts can be used to move pages. [Cut: Ctrl+X or Cmd+X; Paste: Ctrl+V or Cmd+V.]
  • When pages are moved, internal links are redirected to the new location. These linksare not broken. However, external links pointing to the moved page will be broken. 

       Removing Content 

  • Remove a content or media item. Select "Move to Trash" from the edit options
    delete page
  • Removed folders, pages, blocks and media files are moved to trash; they are not publicly available on the website.
    • Remember to update any links to removed content. When pages are removed, all underlying pages are also removed. 
  • If a page that is linked from other pages in the CMS is moved to the trash, the system will alert you. The display will identify pages where the removed was linked. This will allow for changes or removal of a page link from that location. (See example below.)
    move to trash link display