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JFK Scholarship/Tuition Reduction Program for International Students  


The JFK Scholarship is an award allocated specifically for undergraduate international students who are studying in the United States on F-1 student visas.  The goal of the award is to provide financial assistance to international students while allowing them the opportunity to give back at Shippensburg University through interacting with Ship students and other volunteer opportunities.

For incoming students for Fall 2024, all available JFK Awards have been offered.  New awards may be available for Spring 2025, and questions about awards or the application process can be directed to Mary Burnett at  

Application Process

1.) Applicants must complete the International Student Application for Admission.  

2.) Applicants must submit a response to the JFK Scholarship Essay Question.  

    “Please write a brief statement about your plans for the program of study which you have chosen. This should include your reasons for studying your chosen field, your intended areas of specialization (if any), and any information about how you feel you will be able to contribute to Shippensburg University. You should also include why you feel you should be considered for this scholarship.”    

3.) Applicants must provide two(2) letters of recommendation

  • JFK Scholarship Recommendation Forms - Applicants Must Submit two (2) recommendation forms from two (2) different individuals.  These individuals should be able to speak to your qualifications and maturity as well as why you are a qualified candidate for the award. Recommendations should come from non-family members such as teachers, employment supervisors, guidance counselors, school principals or coaches.   

4.) Applicants must complete the JFK Need Analysis Form . This form is used to determine the financial need of each applicant in an effort to provide financial support to the most in need individuals.

*Please note: To be considered for the award, applicants must be academically admitted at Shippensburg University and be able to provide the necessary financial support in which to be issued a Form I-20.  The JFK Scholarship can be utilized to assist a student with being issued a Form I-20 but it cannot be the student’s sole means of financial support.

Terms of JFK Scholarship 

JFK Scholarship recipients must live on campus if mandated by the official University Housing Policy at Shippensburg University.  They must also maintain adequate health insurance throughout the year as dictated by the International Programs Office.  Recipients are obligated to follow all regulations mandated by the Department of Homeland Security as dictated by their F-1 student visa status.  Failure to maintain status will result in termination of the JFK Award.  JFK Scholarship recipients are also obligated to actively participate in the International Student Organization (ISO) and accept other requests to speak or share information about their country of origin/cultural background.

Amount of Award

International students are charged the out of state tuition rate.  The JFK Scholarship allows recipients to pay tuition at an in-state tuition rate.  The approximate savings is $9,700 per academic year which is determined by the rate of tuition as set by the Board of Governors. 

Renewal of Award 

Recipients must re-apply to receive the JFK Scholarship each academic semester.  Awards are available for summer study however, availability varies each academic year.  Renewal paperwork is sent to students each semester and must be returned by the allocated deadline.  Recipients must maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of a 2.0 (C) or better to retain the award. 

Questions about the JFK Scholarship/Tuition Reduction Program  

Questions about the JFK Scholarship can be directed to Ms. Mary S. Burnett, Director of Global Engagement at or (717) 477-1279.  Questions about academic admissions at Shippensburg University should be addressed to Dr. Megan Luft, Executive Director of Admissions at or (717) 477-1231.

Contact the Center for Global Education Mowrey Hall Rooms 246-251 1871 Old Main Drive Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1279
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.