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Please read the following information first. It only makes sense to make a waitlist request if: (1) all sections of the course are closed, or (2) it is restricted to a particular program and you do not meet the restriction conditions. DO NOT SUBMIT A REQUEST IF YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR THE COURSE YOURSELF!

Placing your name on a waitlist, does not guarantee you a seat in the course. All requests will be evaluated for need and a decision will be made. It is important that you continue to monitor your schedule to determine if you were indeed admitted to the course before schedule adjustment, as you will not be directly notified.

 Please note, we will not accommodate requests for specific course times.



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If the course is not listed, we are not doing a wait list for it at this time.

You may only select one course per submission. If you need to get on more than one wait list, submit the form once for each desired course.

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