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Center for Social Research

The Center for Social Research serves the Shippensburg University community by establishing an intellectual space for faculty who engage in empirical social research of any kind. This interdisciplinary Center draws members and participants from across disciplinary lines. The central goals of the Center are:

  • To facilitate communication across disciplinary lines, encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, and promote exchange of methodological expertise
  • To stimulate research activity and the pursuit of external and internal research funding
  • To increase student opportunities for research experience
  • To raise awareness of faculty research among other faculty, in the University as a whole, and in the larger community
  • To contribute to the intellectual vibrancy of the Shippensburg community and reinforce its status as a center of knowledge production
  • To provide opportunities for faculty to learn new skills relevant to research and pedagogy
  • To create an institutional hub for connecting empirical researchers among Shippensburg faculty with regional and other agencies seeking expertise.
  • To promote knowledge of best teaching practices and of ways to incorporating quantitative literacy and the scientific approach to social problems in classes.

Seminar Series

The Center organizes a monthly seminar series for faculty to present ongoing or completed research, teach and learn cutting-edge empirical methodologies, and acquire knowledge of innovative and best-practices methods for teaching research literacy in the classroom. The topics of these seminars reflect both members’ interests and the availability of expertise among Shippensburg faculty. In addition to Shippensburg faculty, outside expert will also be brought in to facilitate seminars. All seminars are open to the public.


The aim of the Center is to serve empirical social researchers, but membership in the Center is open to all faculty employees of Shippensburg University without exception. Current members include faculty from the departments of Criminal Justice, Educational Leadership & Special Education, Human Communication Studies, Library Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work & Gerontology, and Sociology & Anthropology.

To join, a faculty need only inform acting director Dr. David Monaghan that they wish to join, and they will be counted as a member in perpetuity until they choose to withdraw membership or to leave the University’s employ.

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