College Counseling Candidacy Requirements

College Counseling Specialization

  • Provide a Personal Philosophical Statement which will explain how classroom learning interacts with practical experience, including the student’s statement of his/her philosophy of student development.
  • Submit a statement of short term and long term goals.
  • Present an updated resume, which includes presentations, major papers, pamphlets, etc.
  • Provide an annotated bibliography of recent readings, not to exceed two pages.
  • Submit a portfolio (instructions are available from your Advisor).
    • Present the case of a past or present client with an accompanying tape (videotape preferred) of that session. (A tape sample critique form may be obtained from your Advisor.)
    • Discuss the case presentation and videotape with the Faculty members of the College/Student Personnel Team.
    • Demonstrate basic listening and relationship skills, basic case conceptualization skills, treatment planning, client assessment, and an analysis of their clinical strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discuss with the Team the student’s progress in the program and review the Plan of Work.

Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio is an assessment tool which contains a collection of students’ work spanning their counseling program at Shippensburg University. Portfolios should be constantly updated with more recent and advanced work to adequately demonstrate both the academic and practical skills that have been mastered.

The portfolio as an assessment tool will begin in the Introduction to Student Personnel course. At the time of candidacy, the portfolio will be assessed again. In addition to portfolios being used as an assessment tool by department faculty, students may use the portfolio to demonstrate to prospective employers their skills and accomplishments that guide their practice.

The nature of the portfolio is that it is not completed once and then forgotten. Portfolios are a “work in progress.” They may be turned into the advisor or course instructor several times until the portfolio meets the expectations of the evaluator.

Contents and criteria of the portfolio are addressed below.


A. Introduction to Student Personnel Course

  1. Updated resume
  2. Personal Point of View Statement (What is your personal philosophy of helping?)

B. Candidacy

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Updated Resume - including goal statement
  3. Personal Point of View Statement
  4. Tape of client to be viewed by the College Counseling/Student Personnel Team. (See Tape Critique Form.) You should present a session transcript using a 10 minute section of the tape and the following format:
  • Client Statement
  • Counselor Statement
  • What was going on that wasn't said?
  • What would you say now?


A. Organization and Appearance

  1. Materials for the portfolio must be attractively presented and easily accessible in a binder or case.
  2. Materials should be organized in a logical fashion (i.e., chronologically or by theme).
  3. Materials must be neat, legible, and error free.
  4. Papers should be written according to the APA style manual.