Graduate Cost of Attendance

Two factors will affect your cost of attendance as a graduate student, your tuition and fees, and your meal plan if you choose to have one. Room charges for off-campus students are not billed by the university. Your tuition will vary depending on whether you attend full-time or part-time, and whether or not you're a Pennsylvania resident.

Full-time graduate and doctorate students attending Shippensburg University carry 9 credits of classes per semester. If you enroll less than full-time, your costs will be reduced and your eligibility for aid will be based on those reduced charges.


See a detailed breakdown of our tuition and fees:

Graduate Tuition and Fees 2020 – 2021*

*Tuition/fees are per credit 

Graduate Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees (Per Credit) PA Resident PA Resident Online Non Resident Non Resident Online
Tuition $516 $516 $774 $526
Educational Services Fee $82 $82 $82 $82
Technology Tuition Fee $28 $28 $40 $40
Comprehensive Health Fee
Student Union Fee


$935 $648
Total for 9 credits $5,985 $5,634 $8,415 $5,832
Total for 6 credits $3,990 $3,756 $5,610 $3,888
Total for 3 credits $1,995 $1,878 $2,805 $1,944


Doctorate Per Credit

Tuition and fees per credit PA Resident Non Resident
Tuition (per credit): $671 $1,006
Technology Tuition
(per credit):
$28 $40
Total (per credit) $699 $1,046


Additional Fees and Information

*Tuition and fees are subject to change

Meal Plans

Find details on our various meal plan options and their cost. The university only bills board costs if you choose to have a meal plan.