Extended Orientation Program (EOP)

View the MLK Extended Orientation Program brochure (PDF)

The Extended Orientation Program (EOP) is the most important part of the program. Before the regular student orientation in August, all of the new MLK students come to Shippensburg for an extended orientation, which provides many opportunities that allow MLK students to get a step ahead of everyone else. Since MLK students are the first students to move in at the university, they get to choose what bed they want in their room in the residence hall.

Besides the room perks, the information given to MLK students during the Extended Orientation Program is invaluable. The Dean of Academic Programs and Services, along with the Academic Coordinator, reviews the schedule of every MLK student to make sure all of the classes each student has been assigned are appropriate to his or her major. We can make changes to schedules, if needed.

At the orientation, we also provide workshops form the MLK students. Some examples of past workshops include: What Does it Take to Make it at Ship, Cross Cultural Communication, and Classroom Etiquette. These workshops give you insight into what it takes to be successful here at Ship and what professors are expecting from first year students. At the end of the orientation, we sit down, watch a movie and have a discussion over some home-cooked food.

There is absolutely no cost for the Extended Orientation Program, so there is no reason for you not to be here.